Truman Scholarship 2024 Application, Eligibility, Deadline, How To Apply

About the Truman Scholarship – The Harry S. Truman Scholarship is a $30,000 scholarship that is being awarded to students across the United States who would like to work in any government department in the future. The Truman Scholarship is awarded to students every year in honor of the United States’ 33rd president Late Harry S. Truman.

The scholarship doesn’t only take care of the student’s academic expenses, it also gives the scholars access to special opportunities like Leadership development skills, Internships, an 8-week summer institute in Washington DC, and employment with the federal government after graduation. The scholarship is merit-based and accommodates students from various fields. Fields like Agriculture, Biology, Medicine Engineering, Economics, Accounting, Law, Political Science, public administration, and related courses.ScholarshipBoard

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The scholarship is being hosted by the United States government in honor of the 33rd president of the United States President, Late Harry S. Truman.

Values and Inclusions

  1. $30,000 scholarship worth
  2. At least a year of employment with the Government after graduation
  3. Fully funded leadership development training
  4. 8 weeks of summer learning at the institute in Washington DC

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 Requirements and eligibility.

  1. Applicants must be junior-level students i.e. shouldn’t be final-year students.
  2. Applicant must at least be one of the Top 25% of students in their class.
  3. Applicant must be a United States Citizen or a United States National from American Samoa
  4. Applicants must have been nominated by their faculty Truman Scholarship Representatives
  5. Applicant should have an outstanding leadership potential.
  6. Applicants must have good communication skills
  7. Applicant should have an extensive record of public or community service.

How to apply for the scholarship

The scholarship can not be accessed individually. Before you can apply, you ought to have been nominated by your institution. On every school campus in the United States, there are Truman’s representatives who simplified and made this work of nomination very much easier. Let’s take the nomination process in steps.

  • There is a fixed slot allotted to higher institutions in the states. Bachelor’s degree awarding four-year institutions are allowed to nominate up to 4 students for the 2024 scholarship. Two-year colleges are allowed to nominate 4 former students who are currently or will be junior-level students at an accredited four-year institution by February 2024.
  • The president of each participating institution appoints a Truman faculty representative who in turn watches and fetches out the candidates for the scholarship by organizing or establishing a process of choosing the institution’s nominees.Truman Scholarship 2024
  • After a nominee must have been shortlisted by the faculty representatives for the scholarship, they must log in to the scholarship foundation site and fill out a nomination form.
  • The Applicant then gets a message from the foundation through an email with how to access the online application.

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How winners are being selected


There is a committee called the Finalists Selection Committee, which examines all nominations and shortlists about 200 Applicants who then are invited for further interview. The finalist’s selection committee is assigned the work of strict scrutinization of the applicants. They check out for Applicants:-

  • Academic Performance
  • Leadership Skills
  • Intellectual Strength
  • Analytical Skills
  • Relevancy of the applicant’s course of study to working in public service.
  • Quality of community service and government involvement.

Number of students that do get awarded the scholarship.

The scholarship program application usually starts in August of every year and ends every February. About 55 to 65 are being awarded this scholarship every year.

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Deadline of Application.

The institution nomination ends on the 7th of February 2024. The Finalist’s selection committee starts scrutinization in February as well. The interview usually takes place in March.

Contact Info

To get in touch with the Scholarship committee, you can email them at Or visit their website at

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