TheDream.US Scholarships for High School & College DREAMers 2024

TheDream.US scholarships 2024 for High School and college DREAMers. Are you a DREAMer or undocumented student in the US and not qualified for financial aid? If yes, this is an opportunity for you to pay for your education here in the USA. Apply for the TheDream.US scholarships 2024. See the requirements and steps to apply on the TheDream.US scholarship portal –

About TheDream.US scholarships

TheDream.US scholarships are for highly motivated DREAMers who want nothing more than to get a college education but are unable to afford the cost. They have no access to federal aid and limited access to state aid, and they sometimes face paying out-of-state tuition.

TheDream.US scholarship is a National Scholarship is for high school or community college graduates. The Opportunity Scholarship is for students who live in targeted, locked-out states where they cannot get in-state tuition.

TheDream.US is the country’s largest college access and success program for immigrant youth.

This is a scholarship for undocumented students in the US. The scholarship program can be instrumental for DACA and undocumented students who otherwise might not be able to afford college.

Target Group

Undocumented Students who don’t have FAFSA, who aren’t able to go through federal work study or aren’t able to get any federal student loans — they do have limited resources already,

Scholarship Value / Inclusions

The TheDream.US National Scholarship is for up to $16,500 for an associate’s degree and $33,000 for a bachelor’s degree. 

TheDream.US Opportunity Scholarship is for up to $80,000 to cover tuition, fees, and on-campus housing and meals for a bachelor’s degree. 

TheDream.US Scholarship Eligibility & Requirements

Applicant must be under DACA, TPS (temporary protected status), or who came to the country before Nov. 1, 2018, before the age of 16, and otherwise meet the DACA eligibility criteria.

Applicant must be a first-time college student, a community college grad, or a student who has no more than 21 credits at a four-year college.

For high school or community college graduates. You need to have DACA or TPS or meet TheDream.US immigration eligibility criteria and qualify for in-state tuition at one of our Partner Colleges to receive this scholarship.

How to Apply

Apply through the official scholarship website here:

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