Diritto Studio Universitario (DSU) Scholarship 2023 Application Form – Apply Here

About the DSU Scholarship – The Italian phrase “Diritto allo Studio Universitario” (DSU) means “Right to University Study.” In Italy, DSU offices or organizations exist in several regions to support and promote the right to higher education for all students, particularly those who may face financial challenges. They offer a variety of services to students, including scholarships, lodging, and feeding services.ScholarshipBoard

The DSU scholarship is a main means of assisting students with financial needs. The amount of the scholarship, the eligibility conditions, and the application process may differ based on the region of Italy.

Host Institution: Public Universities and some recognized Higher Education Institutions in various regions of Italy.

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Level of study: Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD

Field of Study: DSU scholarships typically cover a wide range of fields of study

Number of Scholarships: Not Specified

Acceptance rate: Not Specified

DSU Scholarship Value/Inclusions

DSU primarily gives various benefits to scholarship recipients and they include:

  • For an entire year, you will receive two free meals per day.
  • The tuition is totally paid.
  • A total of €6806 (6,15,451 INR) will be supplied (the amount will be decreased if the hostel and two-time dinner are provided).
  • If the candidate lives away from school, he or she will be provided with hostel accommodations as well as reimbursement for living (renting) expenditures.

Target Group: The scholarship is open to Italian students, EU students, and non-EU students.

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Eligibility for the DSU Scholarship

  • DSU accepts applications from national and foreign Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students from all disciplines.Diritto Studio Universitario (DSU) Scholarship 2023 Application Form
  • The DSU scholarship has no age limits.
  • Before applying for the DSu Scholarship, students must be enrolled or have completed the pre-enrollment process.
  • DSU does not require an IELTS, an experience letter, or an entry test.
  • To be qualified, the applicant’s annual income must be less than €25,000 (22,60,696 INR).
  • PhD students are only eligible if they are not recipients or recipients of other research funds.

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Requirements Documents

  • Family income certificate
  • Bank certificate
  • Property certificate
  • Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
  • Codice Fiscale (Italian Tax Code)
  • ISEE Parificato
  • Passport/ID
  • Italian translation of the documents

Additional Documents (if required)

  • University admission or Pre-enrollment letter
  • Declaration of Value (DOV)/CIMEA/Self-Declaration
  • Academic Transcripts
  • CV
  • Course Description
  • IELTS/English Proficiency

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DSU Scholarship Step-by-Step Application Guide

1. The candidate must check for the regional scholarship

2. Prepare the set of documents required

3. Fill out and submit the application

4. Print and verify the form

5. Send it to the registered address

  • Florence:
    ARDSU Toscana – Servizo Interventi Monetari
    Viale Gramsci, 36 – 50132 FIRENZI
  • PISA:
    ARDSU Toscana – Servizio Interventi Monetari
    Piazza Cavalieri, 6 – 56126 PISA
  • SIENA:
    ARDSU Toscana – Servizio Interventi Monetari
    Via Paolo Mescagni, 53 – 53100 SIENA

6. ISEE Parificato and final ranking

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The deadline for submitting the DSU scholarship for the 2023/2024 is 1:00 pm on 6 September 2023 (Italian time). For more details, check the official page of the partner institution you applied for.

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