How to Pass WAEC Exam with Ease

Is this your first time preparing to write the common SSCE exam, WAEC, and do you want to know what it takes to pass your WAEC exam with ease?

Or do you want to write the exam again since you have an issue with the one you’ve done before?

You are in the right place to know all it takes to pass your WAEC exam with ease. Many students failed the WAEC exam over and over again, not because they don’t know how to read or didn’t study their books properly, the issue could have been through knowledge of how things are done.


Lacking basic knowledge of the truth of the WAEC exam can make everything that a student has been preparing for since he/she was in Secondary school to go futile.

The key to passing your WAEC exam is right there with you but all you need is to identify it.

You’ve probably seen many write-ups that mention many ways you can use to pass your exam, but this write-up will give you two basic factors that can give you access to passing your WAEC with ease.

Knowledge is the key but you need to pay attention to the words of knowledge.


Passing your WAEC exam with ease deals with knowing what can cause WAEC candidates to fail and the solution to the problems. First, we will briefly talk about the WAEC exam, thereafter talk about the general problems, and lastly talk about the solution.

Briefly about the WAEC exam

WAEC which is an acronym for West African Examinations Council is an examination board that determines, monitor, and conduct examinations required in the public interest in the West African countries that speak English. It also awards certificates which is been recognized internationally.

WAEC conducts West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and this exam is used to certify the completion of Senior School in any country it is been done.


WASSCE is done in five Africa countries namely, Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

WASSCE is the basic requirement to be employed in some job, therefore anyone that hasn’t written and pass WASSCE won’t be considered for the job. Likewise, it serves as the basic requirement for students to further their education to the tertiary level in some countries, therefore it is compulsory for them.

WAEC like the other examination board has its syllabus of operation which means for a student to pass the WAEC exam with ease, such a student must be acquainted with the WAEC syllabus.

The major problem of some students is that they fail to read according to the WAEC syllabus.

Major causes of Failure in WAEC Examination

Just as mentioned earlier, knowing the causes of failure will help students to put their hearts right in using the solution effectively.

We will discuss three major causes of failure in the WAEC Examination here which students must note:

  • Poor reading habit: when preparing for the WAEC examination, the first thing that can easily determine a student’s success and failure is the reading habit. When there is poor planning concerning the examination then the students should always have poor performance.

According to the Englishmen’s slogan “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”, students fail most of the time due to their negligence by not reading towards the exam. Some students believe in malpractice which any student that wants to succeed must stay away from.


  • Distractions: one of the major causes of failure is students been distracted when preparing and during their examination period. Students get distracted by Social media most time and they neglect their reading time.

Never get distracted when preparing and during your exam period. Always stay focused.


  • Bad Education system: this is also a major cause of failure during the WAEC exam. Students fail when not properly taught. The education system of some countries is poor to the extent that it doesn’t give room for students to know everything about the WAEC syllabus.

When students are not well taught, the result will always be negative. WAEC syllabus should be used to try students to prepare properly for the WAEC Examination.

How to pass with ease with these two factors

Since we now know where the problem lies when talking about the WAEC exam then passing the WAEC exam with ease is already made easy.

As promised earlier, we will only discuss two basic factors that you need to consider to pass with ease:

  1. Preparing for your WAEC exam
  2. Things to take note of in the Exam hall

Preparing Towards your WAEC exam

The first factor that will surely determine you are passing the WAEC exam with ease is your preparation for the exam. You must never be found playing with the preparation time. Prepare afore the exam.

How to prepare before the exam;

  • Start reading earlier: let your reading be based on the WAEC syllabus because WAEC won’t set questions outside it. Things to take note of when reading earlier are, the study of past questions, read recommended textbooks, be determined to pass, design a reading timetable and be faithful to it, practice WAEC mock exam online, Join a reading group, read your SSCE notebook, jot down points while reading, concentrate on the Exam, constant revision, work on your weaknesses, prioritize core subjects, and never determine to practice exam malpractice.

Your preparation is as important as the result you envisage. Don’t dream of building a sky scrapper when you laid the foundation of a duplex. The right preparation is the key.

Are you ready for the exam?

Things to take note of in the Exam hall

Now that you are ready for the exam, you’ve got to be watchful in the exam hall. This might be your first time entering an exam and if care is not taken, you may thwart your preparation concerning the exam and all efforts might turn futile.

Just to remind you, it is not only those that didn’t read that have failed in time past. Negligence in the exam hall can make a good student fail the WAEC exam.

What to note in the Exam hall;

  • Concentration is the key: losing focus in the exam hall can be the biggest mistake a student can make. There are many things to pay attention to inside the exam hall to pass ease with ease but when a student stays unfocused, the result will always yield negatively.

Things to note in the exam hall area, come early to your examination hall, accurate sit number, correct examination center, taking of attendance, be time conscious, follow instructions, have peace of mind, shade, answer questions you know first, write legibly, answer questions meant for your country only, pay attention to compulsory questions, convince your marker with your answer, answer the number of questions asked only, draw neatly where necessary, and cross-check your work.

Don’t be overcome by exam tension. Make sure to eat and rest at the due time so that you can be able to assimilate and concentrate on your exam. Stay healthy during the exam and pass your WAEC exam with ease.

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