How to Buy WAEC Scratch Card Online in Ghana

WAEC stands for West African Examinations Council and it is an examination body established by the law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations, and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally.

It is an entrance examination conducted in West African countries such as Nigeria Sierra Leone, Gabon, Gambia, and Ghana. The enactment of the ordinances of WAEC was based on the Jeffery report, which strongly supported the proposal for the setting up of a regional examining board to harmonize and standardize pre-university assessment procedures in the 5 countries. The body uses scratch cards for candidates to be able to check their results online.

What Is WAEC Scratch Card?


The WAEC scratch card popularly known as the WAEC result checker is a product of the West African examination council (WAEC) which is used to access results. It is a painted card with a scratch patch on the reverse side, which protects the PIN; it is required to access the WAECDIRECT service. The scratch card applicable for the WAECDIRECT service is marked’ WAECDIRECT ACCESS CARD’ on the face. The card contains a serial number and a pin.

What Is Service Delivery Type?

Service delivery type means the type of WAECDIRECT service you wish to use. Three types of services are available namely:

  1. Result Checking: this allows candidates to view their results online.
  2. Result Confirmation: this allows a candidate to request their results to be sent to them by post.
  3. Result Verification: this allows candidates/organizations/institutions to request that their results should be verified and the result verification should be sent to them by post.

How Many Times Can I Use A Scratch Card?


Each card can only be used five times for one candidate. Note that you can only use one scratch card for one result although you can use the scratch card to check the same result 5 times.

WAEC Result Checker Pin?

The WAEC result checker PIN stands for a personal identification number. This is a unique 12-digit number that is required to access the service. The service enables direct access to candidate’s results via multiple channels. The pin is found on a valid WAECDIRECT scratch card and is revealed when the cover patch on the reverse side of the card is carefully scratched off.


What Year Can The Card Check?

WAEC scratch cards bought online or from physical stalls can check any WASSCE exam ( WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, GCE) from 1980 to this current year.

Can The Scratch Card Be Bought Online?

Absolutely yes! WAEC scratch cards can be ordered online on several platforms with instant delivery of pin and serial number to your email, phone number. Also, scanned copies can be sent on request.

Where Can I Buy WAEC Scratch Cards Online?

Want to check your WAEC result and you’re unable to buy your WAEC result checker or you’re simply looking for here to buy your WAEC scratch card online? You’re not alone, as many Nigerian students are facing a similar problem. The good news is that you no longer have to worry anymore, as we are going to show you how to do this without any stress.

How To Buy WAEC Card Online 

Using E-PinMallü Log on to E-PinMall

ü Select buy WAEC scratch card

ü Select your preferred payment method either online payment or through bank transfer

ü, Confirm your transaction.

ü, Receive your pin instantly or via a text message if you are paying through bank transfer.

Just in case you misplaced the pin or can’t find it after purchasing the PIN via this method you can check your SMS or your mail. You will find the electronic PIN there.

  1.  MTN Mobile Money

ü Go to my MTN on your mobile phone

ü Then click on mobile money

ü Click on pay bill

ü Then click on general payments

ü On the payment code type Monicliq WAEC

ü Enter your MTN mobile money password in the MM PINCODE

ü In the reference section, enter your phone number

ü On the amount, just type 9(it costs 9GHC to buy a result checker)

ü The serial and PIN would be sent to your phone inbox as a text message

Note that the serial number starts with WG 14006… and the PIN starts with 1151553…

  1. Using MTN Momo

ü Dial 7111000# on your phone with an MTN Sim Card

ü Select the type of your mobile money account either an individual or merchant account

ü Select number 2 on the list which is the WAEC result checker

ü Om the next screen is a prompt telling you a bill prompt has been sent to you for a payment fee of GHS12

ü Enter your mobile money PIN and submit.

ü Your pin card and serial number will be sent to you within a minute


  1. VISA PAY 

ü Enter

ü Fill in your debit card name

ü Fill the email address linked to the debit card

ü Select your debit card type; master card /visa

ü Click on continue payment.

ü The result checker pin and serial number would be sent to the provided email address

Note that the result checker pin costs 10GHC on this platform.


ü Dial mobile money shortcode(170#)

ü Select pay a bill

ü Select general payment

ü Answer the prompts indicated

ü Payment Code: monicliq

ü Amount: 9GHC (enter multiples if you want to buy more than one)

ü Reference: WAEC

ü The serial number and result checker pin would be sent as a text message

How Do I Use The Scratch Card?

  • Use any browser, preferably Google Chrome, and visit
  • On the next screen enter your 10 digit index number: Eg:0070202043
  • Enter your WAEC year of completion, Eg: 2020
  • Enter the exam type you sat for .E.g.: WASSCE 2020 School 2020
  • Enter PIN and serial number has gotten online into the corresponding boxes
  • Submit your personal information and wait patiently wait for your results.
  • A new screen will pop up confirming your results.

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