How to Check WAEC Results – A Step-By-Step Guide

If you’ve written the WAEC examination, be it May/June or November/December, the biggest anticipation will be the release of your result. West African Examination Council (WAEC) always releases the result after two (2) months of candidates writing exams.

At the point of checking results, many candidates encounter a lot of challenges. Many who don’t have the technical knowledge always seek help to check their results.

Checking the WAEC result is not that difficult whether it is the May/June examination or the November/December examination. However, within a few steps, you can check your WAEC result or check for someone, either on your system or on your phone.

Presently, WAEC conducts three exams yearly. This is to cater to the demand of their candidate and ensure no stone is left untouched. The exam is well-spaced to allow you to even write two in a year if you desire to do so.

The examinations WAEC conducts yearly:

  • April/May WASSCE: This is mainly for registered secondary school candidates, it’s known as the internal candidates’ exam.
  • August/September WASSCE: This is popularly called November/December WAEC GCE. It is mainly for private candidates. This allows individual candidates to register without any need for a mother school.
  • January/February WASSCE: In 2018, a new series of exams for private candidates was initiated by the WAEC.

For each of these exams, the West Africa Examination Council always releases results two months after the exam has been written. It’s always marked by engaging qualified subject teachers.

After grading the answer booklets, what else? The results will be uploaded online for each candidate, either internal candidates or private candidates, to view their results. This can be done by checking on the West Africa Examination Council’s e-portal.

Are you still baffled about how to check your WAEC result? You need not worry again. This article will guide you through the step-by-step procedure of how to check your WAEC result. Make sure you don’t skip any part from now.

How to check WAEC result

There are two approved methods of checking the West African Examination Council’s results. When the body started till the recent time, the only method of checking results was to buy an ePin voucher designed for this purpose.

These ePin vouchers were sold by WAEC or an authorized person. After successful registration for the WAEC exam, a unique number will be given to each candidate. It will serve as a means of identity throughout the examination.

To check the result then, the candidate will purchase the result checker voucher and end up at a cyber café with their registration number.

In recent times, things are getting better and the body is seeking to make things easier for candidates.

Candidates can’t wait till results are sent to school before they can check, and neither can private candidates wait till they are done processing the certificate before they conclude on what next to do. This is why candidates don’t neglect the cost and seek to check their results immediately.

There are two ways to check your WAEC result, which are:

  • Checking online
  • Checking through SMS

This guide will guide you through how to check your result or either of the two or both successfully without encountering any challenge.

How to Check Your Result Online

Ask anyone, almost everyone know WAEC result is checked online. This has been a kind of routine, that immediately it’s announced that the result is out, what candidates seek is how to get to a café or to check on the phone.

This method applies for any of the examinations, either May/June WASSCE, November/December WASSCE, or January/February WASSCE.

To check your result online, the first thing is to get a result checker. You can get this from the nearest WAEC office to you or an authorized seller.

West African Examination Board has made it easier for an internal student to have access to a result checker immediately after registration. Therefore, if you register in a school, you will be given a plastic ID card that will house a Pin and Serial number to check your result. If you’re not given one, contact your school or buy a new one.

However, this does not hold for a private candidate, they will purchase a result checker to view their result.

To check your result, these is the steps to follow:

  • Connect to an internet source, using either a phone or a laptop.
  • Open your internet browser.
  • On your address bar, input the WAEC website at https://www.waecdirect.orgIn the Examination Number box, input your examination number (this is a 10-digit number, it has 7-digit as your center number, followed by your 3-digit candidate’s number). Example 7209874080
  • Select your examination year. Select this to the year you did the exam.
  • Under the drop-down menu for Examination, select your examination type. This can be either a Private Candidate result or a School candidate result.
  • Enter the PIN (Personal Identification Number) on the scratch card you purchased or given in school
  • Enter the Serial number behind the scratch card you purchased
  • Then click submit. The webpage will load in a while and your result will pop up.

Nevertheless, the traffic immediately after the release of the result can’t be neglected and many candidates always have an issue checking their results.

This is more reason why you need to learn to check your WAEC result offline.

How to Check Your Result through SMS

On the other hand, if you don’t have access to the internet while trying to check your results, don’t panic! You can easily check your WAEC result on any phone using this guide.

This service is only available on:

  • Airtel
  • Glo &
  • MTN

Steps to follow:

  • Purchase your Result checker from the nearest WAEC office to you or the authorized dealer
  • Ensure you have at least thirty naira (#30) recharge card on your SIM card.
  • Navigate to your mobile SMS and create a new message
  • Type WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear (example: WAEC*7209874080*0024628811*2021
  • Once done composing your message, send it to 32327

Wait patiently for some minutes as your result is on its way through a text message.

Checking the WAEC result is now easier and can be done by the candidate. That is if this guide is followed precept by precept. Nevertheless, the candidates can seek expert help in case of uncertainty.

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