How to Buy WAEC Scratch Card Online in Nigeria

Buying WAEC scratch is undeniably one of the challenges faced by Candidates after writing the WAEC examination. Although, the school candidate is now lucky. The school they register with ought to give them a WAEC scratch card upon successful registration.

However, what holds for school candidates does not apply to all candidates. A higher percentage of WASSCE purchase the WAEC scratch card, even some school candidates. However, some school candidates ignorantly use their scratch card five, (5) times, and will opt-in to get another one to view the result afterward.

November/December candidates and January/February candidates have no other choice than to purchase WAEC scratch candidates to access their results.

To purchase a WAEC scratch card, you can either do so by:

  • Visiting the nearest WAEC agent to buy one. Or,
  • Buying the WAEC scratch card online.

Either way, the end goal is getting a WAEC scratch card to access your result. Nevertheless, one has an advantage over the other.

Is your WAEC result out? Do you want to get a WAEC scratch card to check your result? Will you prefer to buy the WAEC scratch card online? If yes, this article will guide you on how to buy a WAEC scratch card online.


What is the WAEC Scratch Card?

The WAEC Scratch, or Result checker, is a West African Examination Council purpose-designed painted card. It has a scratch path on the reverse side that hides a Personal Identification Number required to access the WAEC Direct service.

To access your WAEC result, you must possess a WAEC scratch card. Although, five (5) times is the maximum usage.

The PIN on the scratch is a unique set of numbers that is particular to an individual. By checking your result, five times with a WAEC scratch does not mean a friend or family can use one out of the five times. Once used for a candidate, another candidate can’t use the same WAEC scratch card.


Why you should buy WAEC Scratch Card online

Instead of using the counterpart method, which is visiting a local WAEC agent close to you, buying the WAEC scratch card online is a method you need to try out.

Over time, many people have fallen victim to online fraud. More reason many believes to see a product they are buying before paying. This is mainly to build credibility. Nevertheless, we can’t ignore the fact that the world is going digital.

Digital worlds allow you to do many things online, including purchasing your WAEC Result Checker. Buying WAEC Scratch Card Online was to tint with the trending digital application in daily activities.

As much as you’re trying to avoid buying things online, you will be missing out, as it is:

  • Faster: With few clicks, you will get your WAEC result checker on your phone.
  • Save cost: The cost of transporting to a local agent is out. You can get to save more cash for yourself by buying online.
  • Saves fatigue: even if you are not spending on transportation, you will save yourself the unnecessary stress of walking around. You can buy your WAEC scratch card even on your bed.

There are so many reasons why you need to start buying online now. If you are not making a purchase online presently, you are missing a lot.


How to buy WAEC Scratch Card Online in Nigeria

Have you decided to buy online? That’s great!

The challenge now is where to buy from or how to go about it. Don’t fret! That’s why this article is the right pick for you. It will answer questions on your mind.

The buyer now panics about buying online in Nigeria because of their horrible experiences. This is why you need to buy from someone you can trust even online.

There are several ways you can employ when buying the WAEC Scratch card online.

  • You can buy from online agents
  • You can buy from network providers


How to buy WAEC Scratch Card from Online Agent in Nigeria

In the same way, WAEC has a physical agent for the sale of the scratch card there are also online agents. When buying from an online agent, all you need to do is to contact them. Contacting them is not that difficult.

Online agents now have a website or, at least, a landing page. Visiting their website or landing page will allow you to buy a WAEC scratch card directly from them. Just like physical agents, the West African Examination Council also accredits them you need not panic.

Most times, the physical agent has an online method of reaching them to make the service faster and give you a more comfortable buy from home service.

Are you considering buying the WAEC Scratch card online? You can check out the following sellers online:



How to buy WAEC Scratch Card from Network Provider in Nigeria

You can now buy the WAEC Scratch card on your MTN sim card!

That sounds great. Without visiting the post office or any agent, you can easily buy a WAEC Scratch Card with MTN mobile money. Although, other virtual technologies have also employed this method in selling online.

To buy a WAEC Scratch Card on MTN mobile money, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to My MTN on your mobile device
  • Tap on the Mobile money option
  • Then, click on the Pay bill option
  • Select general payments
  • A payment code will be requested, input ‘Monicliq WAEC.’
  • In the MM Pin code, input your MTN Mobile Money password
  • You can input your mobile number in the reference section
  • In addition, type ‘9’ on the amount.

Wait patiently, as the PIN and serial number will be delivered to your phone as a text message.



Advancing with age is what we all should embrace. Buy the WAEC scratch card online today!

The card bought online or physical shop has the same validity, and other factors hold. It is just employing shopping from home, which you will love to experience.

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