How to Check WAEC Date of Birth

Many a graduate don’t know how lucky there are to have gotten admission, graduate, and observed the one-year mandatory National Youth Service Corps without any hassle or dazzle. The authority denied some graduates, who are qualified for their one-year mandatory service.

This occurrence has been so rampant recently; graduate can’t forge ahead to next step because of issues with their birth date that was noticed very late in their WAEC result or any other equivalent.

In a bid to amend, going back to the higher institution you graduated from to submit some needed documents, as proof to correction of your date of birth has been a good resolution. However, in most cases, it’s always too late; you might not be able to meet the NYSC Camp orientation commencement date, or at times, before NYSC approves it might take longer.

Why waiting to take a long queue, when you can correct it afore time? Are you ready to ride a shotgun? I’ll be your driver and walk you through how to check your WAEC date of birth.


Why do you need to check your WAEC date of Birth?

Checking your WAEC date of birth is of great advantage. If you are presently no sure of what is there, you can check now! Who knows? You might be jacking up your chance of not being delayed.

Some of the reasons why you should check your WAEC date of birth include:

  • To avoid Nation Youth Service Corps delay because of incorrect information.
  • To ensure your O’level date of birth tallies with a National birth certificate to avoid future jeopardy.

Have you heard the word “make hay while sunshine”? That is exactly what it means to check your WAEC date of birth now. Even if it is not correct, checking now eliminates, or at least reduce, the stress of correcting it.

This also makes you ready for the process, as it prepares you ahead for a way forward when you get to a point you need it. Holding on to a wrong date of birth, either intentionally or not, question your integrity and higher institution can frown at it.


What can cause WAEC Date of Birth error?

So many factors can be responsible for a change in the date of birth of an individual or WAEC portal. Activity responsible for this change can be by individual, registration agent, or from WAEC body.

Many individuals deliberately change their birth year, possibly because I have witnessed a couple. This is more rampant amidst the growing young one with the mindset of gaining more respect from their pair. This simple activity as childish as it looks can cause a lot of problems later in life.

Nevertheless, we can’t rule out the fact that some parents can’t even remember their ward’s date of birth. This is more rampant amidst guidance. They just picked a date randomly to fill in WAEC details, and the time they have access to the original document, they overlook correcting it immediately, not knowing the implication.

In addition, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) processes millions of candidates yearly. Errors coming from their side at the point of registration can’t be ruled out the point of registration.

Hence, the body has been permitted to check and make an amendment, in case of any error, to the candidate’s date of birth on their portal.


Things needed to check your WAEC Date of Birth

All you need to check your WAEC date of birth are the following:

  • A WAEC Verification Pin (this can be gotten online or nearest WAEC agent to you)
  • Candidate’s Examination Number
  • Year Exam was taken
  • Examination type (January/February, May/June, or November/December)

With all, you can easily check your WAEC date of birth on the WAEC online portal.


How to check your WAEC date of birth

Using the West African Examination Council online portal, you can easily check your date of birth on the WAEC database with a few clicks.

  • Connect your device (Phone or computer) to an internet source.
  • Open your phone browser and visit the Reference Pin field, input the WAEC Verification Pin you got: the pin is a 17 digit PIN.
  • Select your Exam type from the drop-down option in front of exam type (WASSCE (for School candidate or WASSCE for Private candidate).
  • Picking from the drop-down, select your Exam Year.
  • In the Exam Number field, type your Examination number; this comprises 10 digits, made of your center number and candidate’s seat number.
  • Click on the ‘Check Now’ button.

On the next page, details of your WAEC date of birth will pop up, including your names, subjects, and grades.


Where to buy WAEC Verification PIN

You can either buy WAEC Verification PIN

  • From a physical agent: WAEC has accredited vendors for their Cards around. Approved agents include Community Banks, Supermarkets, Cybercafes, individuals… among many others.
  • From an online agent: from the comfort of your home, you can purchase WAEC verification PIN online with few clicks. You can easily do this by visiting an online agent. You need not panic! They are have been accredited by the West African Examination Council to be a vendor.

You can visit a trusted online vendor to make it faster and less discomforting. is a site you can check out to make a purchase.



Do you have your West African Senior School Certificate close to you? Then you can easily check your registered WAEC date of birth. Many students do not have their original certificate; this is because higher institution collects the print out not the certificate.

Most people are ignorant of the error until nemesis catch up on them. By the time they get to know, it usually comes with a price to pay. The pay is usually in cash, mental disturbance, and at a time, delay in forging ahead to the next phase of life.

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