How to Get A WAEC Scratch Card to Check Your Results

Once a candidate is done with exams, the days he/she looks forward to most will be the day of checking results.

This holds for the West African Examination Council (WAEC). No higher institution aspirant can forge ahead without passing this WAEC examination or any of its equivalents.

WAEC stands out amidst in equivalent as it is recognized in other West African Countries unlike its local equivalents, which are only recognized within the country. Typical examples are National Examination Council (NECO) and National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB), which are Nigerian-based examinations.

Even though these equivalents are National exams, some higher institutions within the country still find it difficult to give students admission using them especially NABTEB. Some schools don’t accept it at all. More reason why many candidates prefer to opt-in for WAEC or at least NECO as they are well accepted in the nooks and crannies of the country.

Have you written your WAEC result? Alternatively, are you planning to write one soon?

Then WAEC scratch is what you need to check your result instantly without any stress or hassle. Don’t fret! This article is the right guide for you on How to get a WAEC scratch card to check your results. Just ensure you read till the end.



Presently, there are three known exams conducted by the West African Examinations Council yearly. The body started in 1952 after some West African countries enacted Examinations Council ordinances in 1951.

The set goal of the body has always been o setting up a regional examining board. This examining board will see to harmonizing and standardizing pre-university assessment procedures in the then British West Africa.

The body started with Ghana (the Gold Coast), Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gambia and was later joined by Liberia in 1974.

In a bid to pursue their set objective, which has been to conduct examinations in the public interest and to award certificates for this examination, the body conduct exams three times years to allow more candidate to the participant, either as school candidate or private candidate.

The exam is well spaced to allow you to even write two in a year if you desire to do so.

The examinations WAEC conduct yearly:

  • January/February WASSCE: in 2018, a new series of exams for private candidates was initiated by the WAEC to allow more private candidates to write. And this can serve as preparation for a school candidate that wants to have a feeling of how external exams look.
  • April/May WASSCE: it’s known as the internal or school candidates’ exam. This exam is majorly for registered secondary school candidates.
  • August/September WASSCE: this is mainly for private candidates. It’s popularly called November/December WAEC GCE. WAEC GCE allows individuals candidates to register without any need for a mother school.

After writing any of these examinations, all that candidates need to do it to anticipate their result, which is always released by the West Africa Examination Council two months after the exam has been written.

The credibility of your result can’t be questioned since the exam is being marked by qualified subject teachers. Moreover, the WAEC body always makes use of uniform marking guides across the nation. This is to ensure all candidates are exposed to some scrutiny.



Do you want to check your WAEC result? You need a WAEC Scratch Card!

One of the essential products of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is the WAEC scratch card. It is also known as WAEC Result Checker. Every candidate seeking to access their result needs to purchase a result checker and this can only be used maximally 5 times.

WAEC scratch card houses details needed to check your result on WAEC online portal. The two important details are:

  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Serial Number.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a unique set of digits required to access the WAEC checking facility. The PIN is usually a 10-digit or 12-digit set of numbers and it’s always unique for every individual. By unique, it means, once a scratch card is used to check someone’s result, it can’t be used to check for someone else’s result.

Serial Numbers are always at the back of the WAEC scratch card. This is also a needed detail when trying to access your result on WAEC online portal.

Other details needed to check your result include exam year, exam type, exam number…


How to get a WAEC scratch card to check your results

In recent times, there are two basic ways of getting a WAEC scratch card to check your result. The truth is both has cost implication either directly or indirectly.

Before we dive further, the two ways are:

  • Collecting WAEC Scratch Card from the school you registered with. In recent times, WAEC sends a result checker to school for an internal candidate, although it has been calculated with their initial registration payment. Therefore, if you register as a school candidate, a plastic ID card that houses your result checker (PIN and Serial Number) should be given to you, if not, you can contact your school to get yours.
  • By purchasing: private candidates don’t have any means other than purchasing a WAEC Scratch card to check their results. Once the result is out, the result checker will be available at the accredited WAEC agent’s office. You can pick yours up from there. And if you want to become a WAEC accredited agent, you can read up our article on How to become WAEC registration Agent.

Nevertheless, school candidates also purchase the scratch card, that is if they were not given and the school they registered with is far from their present location. All you need is to get the scratch card either buying or getting from school.

If purchasing a WAEC Scratch card (Result Checker), it can be done either by:

  • Going to the nearest WAEC agent to get it. Or
  • You can buy an ePIN online and access your result with it.

The latter saves time and cost of transportation since the cost of purchasing is the same. The price of the WAEC Scratch card is #2000.

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