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Hello there! Are you looking for a stress-free way of sharing your MTN mobile data to other people in seconds? Or perhaps, are you looking for a way to send mtn data bundle to some or even pay for someone’s data subscription? This article is for you.

This is because on this page, we will be discussing various ways of which you can use to send or share your mtn data balance to other people at no extra cost for executing the service sequence.

All that is required for you to do is sit back and read this piece to the very end as all you need to know will be expressly discussed on this page.

MTN Nigeria: History and all you should know

MTN Nigeria is a leading telecommunication company in Nigeria with the parent branch/Head Quarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. The parent company was first established in the year 1994 which is approximately 27 years as of 2021. Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) Nigeria start it operation in the year 2001 with it Headquarters located in Lagos State Nigeria.

Since then, the telecommunication company has proved to be one of the best and outstanding when it comes to providing telecom services to it customers. With a call rate of 11.00KB per second plus 4G internet access on most places in the company, MTN Nigeria can boast of being the best/leading telecommunication company providing executive services at affordable rates. Because we are not here to only talk about the MTN Nigeria network, we will head further on what is mtn data share services; educating you on all you should know about MT data sharing.

MTN Data Share Services

MTM Data sharing service is an operation lunched by MTN Nigeria for customers to easily share mobile data balance to other people usually; their friends, families, loved ones and/or anonymous person(s). To access the MTN data sharing service, all you need to do is read this article to the very end as we will reveal everything on this page.

How to Share Data on MTN Network

There should be over 4 ways of doing this on any MTN line. But for the sake of the tutorial on this page, we will be revealing four (4) easy ways by which one can use to share data with friends, loved ones and/or anonymous persons within second. These four (4) methods of MTN data sharing include;

  • MTN data Gifting Method
  • MTN Data Share (for postpaid subscribers only)
  • SME Data share for all MTN subscribers
  • MTN Data share over the hotspot

How to Share MTN Data Using Data Gifting

MTN data Gifting is a data sharing service enabled on all MTN lines for easy sharing/sending of mtn data from your balance to other mtn numbers. To perform data sharing using the MTN data bundle Gifting method, all you need to do is follow our guide below;

  • Pick up your phone and open to your phone dial pad
  • Input this ussd code *123*3#
  • Reply with “7” to select data “Gifting and Sharing”
  • Type in “1” to select “Transfer Data from your Balance” and send
  • On the next screen, insert the recipient mtn mobile number and send
  • Now input the amount (MB) you want to send out to the number you entered in the above step
  • Enter your secure code and send.
  • Data should be deducted from your balance and transferred to the recipient number within few seconds.

How to Share MTN Data (for postpaid users)

To share data on MTN for post paid users, all that is required to be done is;

  • Activate any postpaid data subscription plan on your line
  • Next you dial this ussd code *131*2*1# or simple send REG to 131 as an SMS to register for MTN data share service
  • A unique security PIN should be sent to your phone inbox (check change it to any pin you can easily remember, here is how to do this)
  • Dial this ussd code *131*2*5# and follow the on-screen command prompt or text [Change OLD PIN to NEW PIN] to 131 e.g text “Change 0000 to 1111” where 0000 is the old pin and 1111 the new pin
  • Now that you’ve successfully change you pin, you need to add a maximum of 5 MTN numbers as beneficiaries (people that can enjoy your data) by;
  • Dialing *131*2*3# and follow the command prompt to add mtn number or simply end an SMS with content “ADD” to 131.
  • To easily share your mtn data to any of your beneficiaries, simply dial this USSD code *131*2*4# or send an SMS to 131 with content “SHARE” and follow other onscreen information to successfully share your MTN data to your postpaid beneficiaries.

POSTPAID Data Subscription Packages (Data Plan & Data Delight)

  • 250MB + 125MB =375MB | N1300 | *109#
  • 500MB + 250MB = 750MB | N2000 | *110#
  • 1GB + 500MB = 1.5GB | N3500 | *111#
  • 3GB + 1.5GB = 4.5GB | N6500 | *129#
  • 5GB + 2.5GB = 7.5GB | N8000 | *101#

All postpaid data plans are valid for 30 days

How to Share SME Data on MTN Network

The SME data share on MTN is a prepaid package which allows businesses to share SME data with their personnel or staff. The SME data share is capped at 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB and 5GB which means you cannot send data above or below data range listed above.

To perform data share on SME tariff, all you need to do is;

  • Migrate to “MTN SME Plus Tariff Plan” by sending “460” as an SMS to 131
  • Add SME beneficiaries by dialing *461# followed by the command prompt or simply texting “SMEA-MTN phone number-Data Amount-Pin” to 131.

In details, if you want to send “250MB” of data to “0813531**09” and your pin is “2593” all you need to do is send “SMEA 0813531**09 250 2593” to 131 to successfully processes the SME data share sequence which  should complete within 5 seconds

How to Share MTN Data over the Hotspot

This method is very common as it is the most used and preferred method of sharing data from all mobile networks to Computers/PC, Tablets, phones, etc with or without a valid SIM card installed on the receiving device. To do this, you should;

  • Go to your phone settings and locate hotspot
  • Create/change old password to one you can easily remember
  • Power the hotspot settings ON
  • Go the the receiving device and power on the WIFI connection
  • Search and click on your devices then input the password you recently created
  • It should connect in no time if all details are correct.

Frequent Asked Questions

Is it possible to share MTN Data to other networks e.g Airtel, 9Mobile?

NO its not

Do I get charged extra fee after sharing my data balance with someone?

  1. you don’t get charged any extra fee for using the MTN data sharing option aside the amount you intend to send out to a friend

Which is the best way of sharing MTN data with someone?

The best depends on what you need and one more convenient for you. Though, Hotspot method is more convenient if the receiver is close to you

Can I share hotspot to other phones using other network aside MTN?

YES. Hotspot data sharing works on all networks provided the device has WIFI

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