UBA Money Transfer Code (2023); Use *919# to Transfer Money Now

Hey there, are you looking for an easy way to initiate transactions on UBA for free in seconds without visiting any bank branch? I am not referring to internet banking here which might request for direct bank applications and approvals. I am referring to USSD mobile banking. Indeed this might be new to some but believe me it’s not. In fact, it’s existed for a while just that you might not have heard of it.

The USSD mobile banking is an all-in-one banking code that enables you to perform easy transfers over your phone without having to visit any UBA bank branch or POS center. With the UBA USSD code that will be revealed to you later on this page, you will reduce the rate at which you visit the bank or ATM for minor transactions that could have been processed from your phone.

This is because, on this page, we will be taking you on a ride, showing the UBA transaction USSD code, transactions you can perform with the code, how to register and activate the UBA USSD code, and lastly how to perform a transfer using the UBA Money Transfer code 2023. So make sure to read this content to the very end so you don’t miss out on any information that would be of great importance.

The UBA USSD Banking

The UBA USSD code is a 3-digit all-in-one code for initiating simple banking transactions directly on your phone without having to visit any UBA bank branch, ATM, or POS outlet near you. The United Bank for Africa created this feature for the esteemed customers so as to create a more dynamic and easy transaction system for their customers by providing them with easy access to banking services that would be faster, easier, and more convenient for them.

Imagine staying at you comfort zone (home, school, church, leisure place etc) performing banking transaction directly on your mobile phone without the use of the internet. How cool will that be to you?

Yes, you got it correctly; you won’t need internet access while making use of the USSD feature which means that this method is compatible with all mobile devices on any given day and time.

Let’s head over to the benefits of using the uba ussd banking code.

Benefits of Using UBA Code

You stand to enjoy some benefits while using the UBA USSD transfer code. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits;

  • Easy to use
  • Available without interruption (24hrs daily/7days a week)
  • No internet service is required to access the USSD feature
  • It is free to use
  • It is time-saving, easy, and convenient in terms of serving you.

Features of UBA USSD Code

The features of the UBA USSD code tell you in the background what you can do with the USSD code that will be provided to you shortly on this page. So make sure to exhaust all that would be provided.

  • UBA Bank Account Opening
  • Airtime Top-up (for self and others)
  • Transfer money to all bank accounts within Nigeria
  • Payment of bills (electricity, water, TV cables, etc)
  • Deactivation and request for a new debit card
  • Account balance check etc

What is the UBA USSD Code?

The UBA USSD banking code is *919#. But don’t go off this page yet. This is because the code will not be working on your phone because you have not fully registered. Make sure to read all piece on this page as we will be guiding you on how to register and activate the code on your bank.

How to Register/Activate the UBA USSD Code on your phone

To activate the USSD feature on our phone, all you need to do is follow these instructions;

  • Open your phone dialer
  • Type in *919# using the phone number you used in opening your UBA bank account
  • This automatically activates your phone number for ussd usage.

How to Transfer Money Using UBA Transfer Code

There are basically two (2) methods by which you can use to transfer money while making use of the UBA banking USSD code. I call them here;

  • Processing method (longer but recommended for beginners)
  • One-stop method (shorter)

We will be looking at both methods on this page to enable you to decide which best suits you.

Method 1: Processing Method

To perform transfers while making use of the USSD Processing Method, all you need to do is follow our instructions below;

  • Open your mobile phone dial pad (skip the step for small phones)
  • Type in *919#
  • Reply with “5” to select the “Send Money” option
  • Select either “1” or “2” depending if the recipient uses UBA or another bank account (use 2 for the sake of tutorial)
  • Insert the amount you want to send/transfer
  • Add the person’s account number(a list of banks should appear for you to choose the recipient bank, select anyone that corresponds to the details you have)
  • The next screen should display a name (verify if the name corresponds to the person you the name of the person you want to send/transfer money to).
  • Reply with “1” to accept if the name is correct
  • On the next screen, input your “4 digits” uba transaction PIN to authenticate and initiate the transaction processes.
  • After the runtime, you should receive an SMS reading “XXX amount has been successfully transferred to XXX”.

So this is all about the processing method. You sure will enjoy this method if you get familiar with it.

Method 2: One-stop method

The one-stop USSD method of UBA money transfer is a one-time USSD code that will skip all transaction processes to initiate/execute the transfer sequence immediately after you punch the send button. Let me walk you through how you can successfully personal USSD transfers while using the one-stop USSD method.

  • First, you open your dialer
  • Punch in this USSD code *919*4*Account Number*Amount# and send
  • On the next top-up screen, type in your 4-digit transaction PIN to initiate the transaction sequence.
  • You should receive an SMS reading “XXX amount has been successfully transferred to XXX”.

In detail, let’s say you want to transfer the amount of 10,000 Naira to account number 123****321 all you need to do is punch in this USSD code *919*4*123****321*10000# and send followed by your 4 digits transaction PIN.

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