How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel

In Nigeria, Airtel network limited is one of the biggest and leading telecom services which its headquarters are in Lagos. In terms of subscribers, Airtel is ranked at the top three of all mobile services providers in Nigeria, with over 50 million subscribers in December 2019.

Airtel has different codes depending on what their subscribers want to access with their Airtel SIM. These codes lead all users to be able to transfer or share data and airtime to friends, family, and other people they wish to transfer or share to.

Also, Airtel network limited aims at giving the best to their subscribers which is why they have different services offered to their users. One of these services offered is the AIRTEL ME2U service which is available to all. Airtel Me2U helps to access airtime transfer or data transfer and it is free, which means without chargers. No limit no restriction at all!

Everyone needs airtime. It’s an essential need for some people, especially for business people, who will make calls to complete or start a contract. So also data, it’s faster, cheaper, and also accessible. It allows you to do many things on your mobile phone, PC, etc. like:

  • Staying updated on what’s going on and helps in making decisions
  • You’ll be able to locate yourself wherever you are and also help in leading you to a certain destination where you don’t know
  • Get lively when bored and many other things

Ever since recharging from banks or buying airtime from banks was introduced, people barely do transfers again. But what if there’s no cash in your account or what if you don’t want to touch the money in your bank account? What do you do? No stress! Just have your four-digit Airtel transfer pin to be able to transfer airtime on Airtel.

How do I use the Airtel Me2u service?

Do you want to transfer or share Airtel airtime or data with your family and friends? Airtel Me2u is available for you to use. You can access it on your mobile, go directly to SIM Toolkit, click on Airtel, it brings in another option AIRTEL, click on it. It displays four options for you.

You’ll see four options, click “My Airtel Account” and follow the procedure.

Criteria You Need to Know Before Sending Airtime from Airtel to Airtel

You need to remember that before you can be able to transfer Airtel to a friend or so, you must have an Airtel transfer pin. It is a four four-digit used to access transferring airtime from Airtel to Airtel. Also, you must have airtime on your Airtel SIM before you can transfer

It’s just like a bank transfer; you must have enough money in your bank account balance before you can send money to a friend or family. The second party that you want to transfer airtime to must be using Airtel SIM too, if not, he or she won’t be able to receive airtime form from

If you’re transferring for the first time, you’ve been assigned a default Airtel transfer pin “1234” and you can change it to your password, the one you can easily remember for security reasons.

To change your pin,

  • Dial *432#
  • Click on option 4 which is PIN MANAGEMENT
  • Click option 1 after, you’ll see CHANGE OF PIN
  • You’ll have to enter your current pin either old(for those that have been transferring) or default pin(for those doing transferring for the first time)
  • Then you’ll enter your new pin, the one you are certain you cannot forget,
  • Press SEND

Some minutes after doing this, you’ll receive a message informing you of your change of pin.

How to Transfer Airtel Airtime from Airtel to Airtel

You can transfer airtime from Airtel to Airtel in different ways. You can use Me2u; you can use text message or Airtel transfer USSD code. In using Me2u the way, you can go to the first page to check the procedure.

To use text message, you’ll type “(2U) (recipient’s phone number) (airtime amount) (transfer pin) send to 432.with each space between them. For instance: if the recipient’s phone number, that is your friend or family you’re transferring to, is 08123456789, the airtime amount you want to send is 300, and your transfer pin is 0402. Then, you’ll type it this way: 2U 08123456789 300 0402.

To use Airtel transfer USSD code:

  • Dial *432# on your phone
  • Select Airtel to Airtel
  • Type recipient’s phone number i.e. your friend or family’s number
  • Enter the amount you’re sending
  • Enter your Airtel transfer pin
  • Press send

To make your transfer to family or friends follow any of the procedures. However, you need to make sure your inputs are correctly typed because your transaction cannot be reversed. In no time, you’ll receive a message with information on the transaction you did. It is important to note that you can only transfer N5000 per day and N10 will be deduction for each transaction made.

To Brief It All

Airtel is one of the best telecommunication networks; it provides many options for their customers, like codes to buy data or buy airtime directly from your bank, or to buy from your airtime, to transfer to a friend or family, and many other convenient opportunities.

To make a transfer from Airtel to Airtel, you can use many ways: Me2u, text message, and also Airtel USSD code. You might not want to touch the money in your bank or you might actually not have much in your bank and you need to make this airtime transfer. Airtel transfer code is there for you to use.

To make the transfer: make sure you have enough airtime, have an Airtel transfer pin: For first-timer, you automatically have a default pin which is 1234 which you will need to change to your personal pin in which you can remember easily and many other things you need to know before going ahead to make the transfer.

That is all the procedure to follow to make an air anime transfer from Airtel to Airtel. You can also share with a friend who is ignorant about this.

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