How to Transfer Airtel Airtime to another SIM with Easy Steps

Hey there, are you an Airtel user who wants to transfer airtime from Airtel to another sim card? Or perhaps, you just feel like being a blessing to others or maybe you made a huge recharge mistakenly from your bank account and you want to sell off your airtime to reduce the lost. Here on this page we’ve covered all you need to know and do in order to execute this action remotely without even seeking the attention of Airtel customer service (CS) representative.

Airtel Nigeria: An All in One Telecommunication Network in Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria is one of the top leading telecommunication companies in Nigeria operating in over 10+ countries in the world today. With over 70 million users, Airtel Nigeria tend to find better ways in serving their customers even faster and more convenient which is an ideal way of attracting more potential customers to them.

Airtel is not doubt the number one network in Nigeria that can boast of having the largest 4G networks service all over the country today. They are also one of the best when it comes to affordable call rates in the telecom market today with a serving rate of as low as 11.00kb/sec which is quite unbeatable to some network.

For the sake of the post title “how to transfer Airtel airtime to another sim” we will be limiting our content to enable you get solution to your query even faster. So let’s go check out some requirements or things you will need to use the Airtel airtime transfer feature

What you need to do before you can Transfer Airtime on Airtel

To use the Airtel transfer feature to another sim, you as a user should have the followings which will be listed shortly on this page;

  • You must have a valid/registered Airtel sim card
  • The recipient (receiver) must also be on Airtel network
  • You must have a minimum balance of 100 Naira on your sim after sending out airtime
  • Our how-to guide on this page (Info Guide Nigeria) on how to do the transfer

Airtel Airtime Transfer Methods

Basically there are two (2) existing methods by which you can use to send or transfer Airtel airtime from your SIM card to other Airtel users. The two methods include;

  • Me2U USSD method
  • SMS method

For better understanding on how to transfer airtime to other Airtel numbers, we will be making use of the two methods to educate you more on the topic “how to send/transfer Airtel airtime to another Airtel Number”.

About Airtel Me2U USSD Code

The Airtel Me2U is a feature on the Airtel mobile network that enables transfer of Airtel account balances (airtime and data) to other airtel numbers or customers just by using a simple 3 digits pin *432# followed by some command prompt response. This means that with the code, you can transfer your balance(s) to friends, families, loved ones and to other random airtel numbers within 3 seconds. NOTE: you will need to activate the code on your airtel line before you can be able to use the Airtel Me2U feature

How to enable/Use Airtel Me2U

To enable the Airtel Me2U feature on your airtel number, all you have to do is change your or reset your Me2U pin for security purposes as this is the only this you need to do before you can start using the Me2U feature. See how to change your airtel Me2U Pin below

How to Change your Airtel Me2U PIN

To change your Airtel Transfer Me2U pin, all you need to do is punch in a USSD code, follow some command prompt and insert your new Me2U pin and you are done. To do this, follow our guide below;

  • Open your phone dial pad
  • Punch in this ussd code *432# and send
  • Select “PIN MANAGEMENT” by replying with “3”
  • Reply with “1” to select “Change Pin”
  • On the next page, type in your new 4 digit pin and send
  • Retype pin to confirm and you are done.
  • Your pin has been successfully changed to ****

Other method is the sms method of changing Me2U pin. To do this;

  • Open your phone sms software
  • Send write “PIN-default-new pin” e.g “PIN 1234 ****”
  • Send the typed message to 432
  • You should receive a follow up message that your Me2U pin has been changed.

Now that you’ve successfully changed your Me2U pin, let’s check out how to transfer airtime using the Me2U ussd code feature

How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel to another SIM using Airtel Me2U

To transfer airtel airtime to another SIM/airtel number, all you need to do is follow our guide below;

  • Open your phone dialer (button phones can ignore this step)
  • Punch in Me2U ussd code *432#
  • Reply the next screen with “1” to select “Airtel to Airtel”
  • On the next screen, type in the recipient airtel phone number
  • Now you input the amount you want to send out to the recipient
  • The next screen should show you the recipient/receivers credentials (check to verify that information are all correct)
  • Now type in the 4 digit pin you recently creating using the above step mentioned on this page (scroll up to view if you skipped step) and send.
  • You should receive an sms from Airtel that you’ve successfully transferred airtime amount of **** to 070170***33 (recipient number you entered earlier)

Now that you’ve successfully checked how to transfer airtel airtime to another sim using ussd, let’s take a look at how to transfer using simple sms below.

Airtel SMS Airtime Transfer

To transfer airtime to another airtel user using this method, all you need to do is send an SMS to 432 with the transfer command and you are done. To do this, follow our guide below;

  • Open your phone SMS application software
  • Click the “create new SMS icon”
  • Type in this SMS format “2U-Airtel Phone number-Amount-PIN” and;
  • Send to 432
  • After this action, the recipient will receive airtime top-up depending on the amount you entered above.

In detail, let’s say you want to transfer “500 Naira” to this airtel number “070170**510” and your pin is 4242. All you need to do is send “2U 070170**510 500 4242” to this number 432. And 500 Naira will be deducted from your airtel balance and transferred to 070170**510 within 5 seconds.

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