MTN Night Browsing (2021): How to Subscribe for all MTN Night Plan Bundles

Hello there, are you a heavy internet user and looking for best place to buy internet bundle at a lesser cost for massive value? The MTN night browsing package is all you need. This is because the MTN night browsing bundle is an all in one data package you need to browse your favorite website, stream your favorite videos/mp3 as well as download any type of file you can ever find online. Be it tutorial, large online course, training, movie videos or system software.

Make sure to read this piece to the very end as we will be revealing on this page the all in one code for MTN night browsing so as to enable you browse and stream on your most preferred sites for almost free. Yea, we use the term “almost free” because you get more data than what you can purchase on the normal MTN subscription packages you can find using the *131# data code.

Surely, after reading the piece of writing on this page, you won’t come back to google again making search queries related to MTN free data like;

  • How to get free MTN data
  • Can I browse on MTN for free
  • MTN free browsing cheats

As these are all odd terms and not good as most cheats are illegal by law and defaulters can be prosecuted. So why not be on the save site using what is officially announced and signed by the MTN telecommunication service. That’s the free MTN night browsing.

MTN Free Night Browsing 2021

The MTN free night browsing “though not completely free” is just like that of the Airtel free night browsing as they are of same subscription rate and data value. This package was introduced longer than what you could imagine right now as MTN Nigeria is the first telecommunication network to introduce an all in one free night browsing bundle for their customers. Over the years as time passes by, other network tend to seize the opportunity as they also introduce night plan for their customers bringing a tough competition for the MTN telecommunication company. Even at that, the never stopped instead, they create more avenues to stay at the top of the game as the best telecommunication company with fastest internet service in the country today.

On this page, we will be revealing to you the ussd code to use for the MTN night bundle plan subscription, as this is all you need to start surfing the web while making use of the MTN night subscription plan. Without wasting much time, let’s look at the device and connectivity compatibility of using the MTN night package.

Device and Connectivity

Since the MTN Night subscription is a legal one and not those data cheats you can find online today, you can make use of the subscription plan to surf the web and download files just as you would do for purchased data packages. The MTN night subscription package can be used and accessed on;

  • Any mobile device (provided it have access to internet)
  • Over the wifi connection
  • Modems/router

With these mentioned above, you will clearly see that the MTN night plan is a game-changer for heavy data users, bloggers and/or student. Though, before you will be able to use the MTN night bundle on any device, you need to meet-up to the following requirements which will be listed later on this page.

Requirements for MTN Night Browsing 2021

Before you will be able to surf the web with the MTN midnight data package, you must qualify and/or meet the following terms;

  • One must have a registered MTN sim card
  • You must be on MTN Pulse tariff plan
  • One must have MTN recharge balance of ₦25 as this is what you need to subscribe for the all in one MTN midnight bundle. Not forgetting the MTN,
  • Midnight subscription ussd code

Since I believe you already have a valid and registered MTN sim, let me walk you through on how you can successfully migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan if you are on other plans. You can skip this step if you are already on MTN Pulse Tariff.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse

To Migrate to MTN Pulse, here is what you should do.

  • Open your mobile phone dial pad
  • Type in this ussd code *123# and send
  • Reply with “2” to select “MTN Tariff Plan Migration”
  • Reply again with “2” to select “Migrate to MTN Pulse”
  • Now type “1” to accept the migration to MTN Pulse and you are done

NOTE: There will be a deduction of ₦100 if your last migration was within 30 days of this migration.

MTN Night Bundle Time & Validity Period

Since we call it “mtn night plan”, you should get a tip that the package is only available at night. And this is between 11PM to 5AM of the preceding day. Which means that the subscription pack last for 6 hours only and after that; it’s gone.

This means that, after subscribing and you didn’t make total use of the purchased data pack, it will disappear to the thin air (nowhere). Having known these, let’s check out the MTN Night subscription bundle USSD code.

MTN Night Subscription Code (2021)

The MTN Night Bundle Subscription Code is *426# followed by other command prompt to fully activate the data plan on your phone. Please make sure to exhaust this article for all information you need.

How to Activate the MTN Night Subscription Bundle

To activate the MTN Night plan, all you need is follow instructions that will be made available for you on this page. All that you would be needing has already been listed before on this page, you might want to scroll up to read it over again if you skipped earlier. Here’ how to do the activation on your line;

  • Open your mobile device dial pad
  • Type in *426# and send
  • Reply with “2” to select “MTN Night Life Bundle”
  • Now reply with “1” to activate the night life bundle on your line.
  • An SMS should be sent to reading “You’ve successfully subscribed for the MTN Night life bundle and that the bundle will last from 11PM to 5AM of the following day”.

Now that you’ve read to the end of the guide, let me share with you a legal hack on how to get over 2GB worth of data for ₦200 on MTN Night life bundle pack.

How to Get 2GB of DATA for ₦200

To claim this free data, all you need to do is multiply this figure 250 times 8 places and 25 time 8 places. Let’s do it together

  • 250GB*8=2000GB
  • ₦25*8=₦200

With this, you should get a tip that in order for you to claim 2GB of data for 200 Naira, all you need to do is activate the MTN night life bundle 8 times a day on your phone and you will claim such amount. DO you enjoy our article, please comment and share to people on social media

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