Access Bank Transfer Code 2023: Learn how to Transfer Money via USSD Code

How to Transfer Money from Access Diamond Bank – Are you a Diamond account user? And would an easier way to transfer money from your Diamond bank account to other banks? Diamond bank transfer code is your answer.

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Mobile banking has grown steadily over the years in Nigeria and has gotten to a great height. Heartily, Nigerian banks and customers have embraced this development. Mobile banking is fast, proficient, and smart.


Mobile banking in Nigeria has gotten to the height of simplicity, bringing the full services of your bank to your fingertips. Now with mobile banking, you can make transfers, check account balances, open a new bank account, pay bills, and carry out other transactions easily wherever you are in the country.

Access Bank acquired Diamond Bank on the first day of April 2019, making Access Bank the biggest bank in Nigeria by customer base. By this merger, the old Diamond transfer code was rendered inactive Both Access bank customers and Diamond Access Bank customers use the same code to transfer funds and make other transactions.

Want to learn more about this new Diamond access transfer code? Like I said earlier, you’re at the right place.

The Access bank transfer code has long been introduced nationwide but to start enjoying this wonderful service; you have to complete the mobile banking registration process to activate the mobile banking system.

What is Mobile Banking?


Mobile banking (which includes USSD banking) can be regarded as a simplified way of conducting all bank transactions from the comfort of your home or office using your mobile device. It is fast, easy, and straightforward to work with. To use this mobile banking or USSD service, the mobile banking registration has to be completed.

What is the Diamond Access Bank Transfer Code?

The Diamond Access bank transfer code is the mobile banking short code, created to help you access the Diamond Access Bank services using your mobile device. The Diamond access bank transfer code is *901#. With this code, banking is made easy, they call it “Simpler banking”.

The USSD service (*901#) is one of the Bank’s strategies to create an easy banking system for customers. It’s quick, secure, and easy to use. Using the USSD code everyone can perform banking transactions with ease, regardless of segment or type of mobile device used.


Note: To be able to use the diamond access transfer code, you must have a Diamond access account or an Access bank account. If you don’t meet these criteria, you will not be able to make use of the Diamond Access Bank USSD code.

How to Register for the Diamond Access Bank USSD service

To register for the Diamond Access Bank USSD banking, follow these simple steps:

  • Dial *901# using your telephone number registered together with your Diamond account.
  • Following the on-screen command, input the last 6 digits of your Debit Card Number.
  • Enter your Diamond Access account number.
  • Create your 4-digit transfer PIN and you can start enjoying the mobile banking service.

Note: Do not disclose your 4-digit transfer PIN to anyone.

Benefits of Diamond Access Transfer Code

There are many benefits to using the Diamond Access mobile banking service. Below is a list of some of these benefits awaiting you once you start your Diamond Access mobile banking service:

  • It is fast, simple to understand, and easy to use.
  • The USSD application allows roaming.
  • The USSD service can still be used even while a user is away from the home network.
  • The Control is by the mobile phone network.
  • Mobile banking service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Mobile banking Saves you the stress of queuing up in the banking halls to make transactions.

Features of Diamond Access Transfer Code

The Diamond Access bank transfer code has many benefits and also possesses some characteristics that as part of its main objective.

  • Your mobile phone number must be registered number with the bank.
  • It gives you the option to select which account to make transactions with, where you have more than one Diamond account.
  • The maximum funds’ transfer limit for a single day is N100,000 (for both Intrabank and Interbank transactions) and the maximum daily airtime purchase (for both yourself and a third party) for a single day is N3,000.
  • The Diamond Access mobile banking service is available to all major network providers in Nigeria e.g. Airtel, 9Mobile, GLO, and MTN subscribers, and is dependent on your network signal from your service provider.
  • All monetary transactions made are withdrawn directly from your Diamond Access account balance.
  • Using the Diamond Access transfer code, you can conduct transactions within and outside of Nigeria.
  • Airtime Top-up (both Self-airtime top-up and Third-Party top-).
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Transfer of funds transfer within and outside Diamond Bank.
  • Debit card request
  • PIN change

How to Transfer Money from Diamond Bank to Other Banks

To use the Diamond Acess Bank USSD Transfer Code on your mobile phone, you must first register your number for mobile banking services.

Guess what? The mobile phone number you used when opening your Diamond account has already been activated for the Diamond Access Bank Mobile Money Transfer, isn’t that just wonderful? Now all you need to do is start using your mobile phone to enjoy mobile banking services.

How to transfer money from your Diamond Access bank to another Diamond Access account

  • Dial *901*1*Amount*Account Number#.
  • E.g. *901*1*5000*1234567891#
  • Enter your diamond bank transfer PIN.
  • Confirm transactions.
  • That is all, very simple!

Note: This command attracts a service charge of ₦20.

How to transfer money from Diamond Access Bank to other banks:

  • Dail *901*2*amount*account number#
  • E.g. *901*2*5000*9876543219#
  • Enter your Diamond Access transfer PIN
  • Confirm transaction.

Note: This command attracts a service charge of ₦50 plus ₦2.50 (VAT).

Access Bank Transactions codes for various transactions

The Diamond bank transfer code can be used directly to execute various transactions using your mobile phone, below are a few:

  • *901*Amount#. Airtime top-up for self.
  • *901*Amount*Phone Number#. Third-party Airtime top-up (others).
  • *901*8#. For Data purchase.
  • *901*5#. For Balance Enquiry.
  • *901*1*Amount*Account Number#. Funds are transferred to Diamond Access or Access Bank.
  • *901*2*Amount*Account Number#. Funds transfer to other banks.
  • *901*3*Amount*Merchant code#. For Merchant payment.
  • *901*3#. To pay bills.
  • *901*4*1#. To Generate a one-time password (OTP)
  • *901*0#. To open an account with Access Bank.

Did you know?

You can open a Diamond Access account using the Diamond Access transfer code. Let’s show you how.

How to Open an Account with Access Access transfer code

You can open an account with Diamond Access easily using the Diamond Access code wherever you are, without visiting the bank, filling out many documents, or needing to make a minimum deposit. With the Diamond Access transfer code, you can open an account with zero balance. Follow the steps below to open yours now:

  • Dail *901*0# using your mobile telephone
  • Input your name, surname, address, etc as instructed
  • If you already have a BVN, then just input your BVN to create the account
  • You’ll receive a text message with details of your new account.

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