Airtel Night Plan 2023 Bundles! Get 2GB Data for Only N200 (Secret Code)

Hey there, are you a heavy internet browser, or perhaps are you looking for the best Airtel internet data plans to enable you to surf and download large files of the internet without spending much on data subscriptions?

We are here to guide you on that. Surely, you will limit the extent to which you normally search on Google;

  • Free browsing cheat
  • Airtel cheap data subscription codes
  • Airtel free data USSD codes; and

Many other queries after reading the information we have for you on this page.


This is because we will be revealing to you how to get a big value of data (MB/GB) while spending less in Naira (NGN). So please make sure to read this article to the very end as what you are looking for is somewhere within the writings on this page.

Let’s get to know about the Airtel Night bundle plan to enable us to know better what to expect further on this page.

What is the Airtel Night Bundle/Plan?

Airtel Night Bundle or Night Plan is an all-in-one data subscription pack officially released by Airtel Nigeria some time ago in the year 2017. This plan was made available mainly for those heavy data users e.g. YouTubers, Bloggers, digital movie dealers, etc. so as to support them in easing their business expenses.

Currently, the Airtel Night plan is not only available for the group of people mentioned above but for all individuals and business owners who are ready to stay awake at late hours of the night attending to one or more matters that are best known to them. All that you will need is the Airtel Night plan USSD code which will surely be available later on this page so read on.



The Airtel plan is a legal one and not that random cheat available online that restricts the usage of data on some devices or wireless connections. You can use the Airtel night plan;

  • Any phone with internet access
  • Over the Wi-Fi
  • Airtel Broadband connection
  • Modems/router

In summary, there is no restriction on the data usage. It’s just like the normal data subscription plan you activate on your SIM card

Let’s get to know the requirements that you must meet-up up as an individual so as to qualify for the Airtel Mid-Night data bundle


Requirements for Airtel Night Plan Data Offer

To qualify for the Airtel Nigeria mid-night data plan, you must;

  • Have a valid Airtel SIM card
  • You must be on the Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan
  • You must have some balance on your sim card to activate the subscription (₦25 minimum)

Airtel Night Plan Validity Period

The period at which you can use the Airtel Night plan data subscription daily is 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM daily. This means that the data plan only lasts for 6 hours before it expires

Airtel Night Bundle USSD Subscription Code 2023

The Airtel Night plan subscription code is *312#. Continue reading as we will direct you on how to use the command prompt to activate the night plan on your SIM card

How to Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe Tariff Plan

As mentioned earlier, one requirement that will qualify you for the Airtel night plan bundle is that you are on a SmartTrybe tariff. The below instructions will guide you on how to migrate to Airtel smartTrybe.

NOTE: This step is applicable to users on other Airtel tariff plans other than SmartTrybe. Members on SmartTrybe can skip this step to the next step otherwise continue reading how to join SmartTrybe;

  • Open your phone dial pad
  • Type in *312#
  • Reply with “1” to select Join/Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe
  • Success

These 3 easy steps will successfully transfer you from your existing tariff to smartTrybe.

Note: Migrating again to another tariff within 30 days of the previous migration will cost you ₦100

Now that you have successfully joined the smartTrybe family, let’s get you started on how to activate and enjoy the Airtel free data night bundle plan.

How to Activate Airtel Night Plan

To activate the Airtel night subscription plan on your phone, all you need is to insert the night plan USSD subscription code and follow 2 other easy steps. Check below for how to activate 250MB for ₦25

  • Open your phone dialer
  • Type *312# and send
  • Reply with “3” to select the Airtel Night Plan
  • You should receive a new pop-up “Night subscription of 250MB was successful”.

After that, you should receive a new message informing you of your new subscription, validity, and how to check your data balance. We will cover data balance checking later on this page so keep reading.

So guys this is the exact method you can use to activate Airtel 250MB for ₦25 only. I will guide you further on how to accumulate over 2GB worth of data for ₦200 on the Airtel night plan.

How to Get 2GB for 200 Naira Subscription Code

In order to accumulate the Airtel night plan of 250MB to over 2GB daily all you need is to check this out;

  • 250MB*8 = 2,000GB
  • ₦25*8 = ₦200

From above you will get to understand that for you to get 2GB of data for 200Naira on the Airtel night data bundle, all you have to do is to subscribe to the Airtel ₦25 plan 8 times which will cost you a total of ₦200.

This simply means that with ₦200 you can;

  • Dial *312# reply with 3
  • Repeat the same process 8 times
  • And behold, check your data balance to see your 2000GB

Note: The data validity is the same day as discussed earlier. Scroll up to read again if you missed it earlier

How to Check Your Airtel Night Plan Balance

Checking the Airtel night plan data balance can be simply done by typing the Airtel data balance check USSD code *140#. Doing this will trigger an SMS of your data balance sent to you within a few seconds of the request

Frequent Ask Questions

  • Can unused data be rolled over the next day?

No, unused data cannot be rolled over

  • How many times can I subscribe within a day?

Currently, you can subscribe 8 times and get up to 2GB

  • What happens if I don’t exhaust my data before 6 AM

The data will expire and cannot be recovered

  • What is the night bundle subscription code?

The code for Airtel night plan subscription is *312#

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