How to recover WAEC exam number after being lost

If you have been asking the following questions, then you need to recover your WAEC examination number. WAEC exam number is a unique number given to all candidates during WAEC registration.

  1. I can’t remember my WAEC Examination number, what am I to do?
  2. Can I check my WAEC results without the Examination number?
  3. How do I retrieve/recover my WAEC number

These are the common questions and thoughts of most WAEC Candidates. In this post, we would discuss and review the solutions to these as you read through this post.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC has made provisions to aid its candidates to retrieve their Examination number and pin.


As a WAEC Candidate, your Examination number serves as your Identity umber, therefore it is of great importance. It is your landmark of identification as a registered candidate and w pointer to your details and Biodata on the website.

Your WAEC Examination number is a ten-digit pin containing your Center and Seat numbers. The first seven is the center number while the last three is your seat number.

As I mentioned earlier that your Examination number is the landmark for your identification on the Website. In this same stream, you cannot check your result or access your page on the portal without this number.

The Chief solution to this is to recover it. Now how do you recover your WAEC Examination number?


There are three methods for the recovery/retrieval of your WAEC Examination number. They are:

  1. By swearing a Court Affidavit: You can retrieve your WAEC Examination number by swearing a Court Affidavit to this effect. If you have other issues or errors in your certificate, like errors in the Candidate’s name, Certificate, Photocard, or result, this is one of the efficient paths to follow. This procedure would cost you money. The charge depends on the Court you went to.

Go to any WAEC office that you can locate, explain your issues to them, and ask for the retrieval of your WAEC Examination number.

You would need two passport photographs, having a red or white background at the WAEC office.


You would also be required to pay a sum of ₦10,000 at the WAEC office. This is the Examination number Retrieval fee. You would also pay for a result checker card if your prior aim for retrieving the exam number was to check your result.


2) Recovery of Examination number by Proxy:  If for any reason, you are not available to retrieve your examination number, but you need those details, you can relate with a proxy to get those necessary details from the WAEC Board. Just like mentioned in number one above, you would need an Affidavit for this method.

You should visit a court of law, swear an Affidavit stating clearly the originality of your documents, and authorized consent for the collection of your Examination number. The Affidavit should contain the name of the Proxy as well.

Send/Direct your proxy to proceed to the WAEC office along with two of your recent passports and that of your proxy (black of white background), Affidavit, and Letter of authority. This letter of authority brings to clarity your consent for the collection of your WAEC registration number.

You should address the letter to the Manager, the WAEC Board, the customer service center. It should contain your state and country of residence, a copy of your international passports, and an identity card, if available.

After filling these documents, instruct your proxy to follow the steps from mum one.


  1. Recovery by Institutions and examination centers: Using a computer device or mobile phone which has internet connectivity, search for WAEC center numbers available in Nigeria. The Institution or Examination center where you registered for your exam, would be displayed with the center name. Locate the name of the center and copy out the center number.


An alternate to this process is to visit your WAEC examination center and request the center number and your seat number. These two numbers written together give you your WAEC examination number.


This is an instance:


Suppose my WAEC center number was given as 12345, and my seat number was 678. Then my WAEC examination number should be 12345678.


PS: The easiest method to the recovery of your examination number is to revisit your Institution or Examination center and request your WAEC examination number.


I hope this post was helpful, if you have questions or thoughts to share kindly relate to us through the comments section below.


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