How to edit WAEC date of birth

Mistakes are inevitable in our daily activities. They can be managed but not completely ruled out. The approach used to handle misappropriation and mistakes on your WAEC result or certificate is what we are to discuss in this post.

It is very easy to make mistakes when filling your registration form. The WAEC board has made provisions for the correction and modifications of some common mistakes made by candidates during WAEC registration.

If your certificate has a wrong name or date of birth which does not align with that on your other documents, it is as good as useless.


Just as wrong alphabets can make your name wrong, alterations in its placements also invalidate the name. For instance, if your Surname, First name, and Middle name are written as Ade Bola Obi, but your WAEC result has Bola Ade Obi, it would be regarded as a different candidate.

Some establishments may tag it a fake or doctored certificate and you might be held punishable by law for a crime you know nothing about.

So here is a guide on how you can deal with your little issue. In this post, you would find procedures and steps to take to change the name/date of birth in your WAEC result/certificate. This is applicable for both WASSCE and GCE Candidates.

How can I change the Date of Birth in my WAEC Certificate?

You cannot do that anymore. Matter of factly, WAEC officially announced in November 2019, that the board would no longer change or correct the Date of Birth contained in a Candidate’s Certificate.


However, there are some other ways you can use to resolve this issue.

  1. The use of a Court Affidavit: You can swear a court affidavit proofing the originality of your documents. Some establishments and parastatals accept this method, though some others require you to go extra lengths to your verification than just an Affidavit.

WAEC Update: You may choose to visit a WAEC office in your area to help rectify your problems with regards to WAEC. If your case can be handled through their office, then they would proffer a solution for you.

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