How to do WAEC online registration

Carefully read through this post to comprehend the steps, procedures, and guidelines to be taken to successfully register for the West African Secondary School Certificate Examinations, WASSCE and General Certificate of Education, WAEC GCE registration; both organized by the West African Examinations Council, WAEC.

The entire registration process is to be carried out on the official WAEC website portal for registration.

Do well to carefully read through this post and till the end as it contains some necessary details you need to know for your WAEC registration. This includes how to obtain the WAEC registration form, the fee allocated to each member country for the purchase of this form, how to access your portal and get the WAEC pin, amongst others.


The WAEC registration for each year has a date it commences as well as another for the closure. If the registration portal closes before you registered, you would end up missing the examinations.

Still around to grasp all our juicy information to avoid tell-tale stories. The offline registration began on 15th February 2021 and ended on 15th March 2021. Also, the online version kicked in on 16th March and ended on 30th April 2021.

How much do I need to register?

After obtaining a registration form, while filling it out, you are expected to pay a specified amount for the conduct of the exam. This applies to both WASSCE and GCE, External and Internal candidates.


The WAEC board established that a non-refundable fee of Thirteen Thousand, Nine Hundred, and Fifty Naira (13,950).

The following are the requirements for registration.

Ensure that your details are correct both before and while filling the form

  • A valid email address
  • Your date of birth
  • Current passport photographs
  • Contact phone number
  • Full name (consisting of your Surname, First name, and Middle name)
  • Your Local Government and State of origin
  • Candidate’s Nationality and home address.
  • An accurate list of the Eight (8) or Nine (9) subjects that you are to sit for in the exam.


Guidelines for WAEC Registration

To avoid errors and loss of registration data, it would be advisable to register for your WAEC with your school or Exam center. WAEC Registrations are done through the online registration portal.

As a WAEC candidate, you must be a student at a Government approved secondary school, in senior secondary school II or III (SS3 or SS2).

If you are an external candidate, visit any secondary school in your locality to register. Though not all secondary schools accept external candidates in their examination centers.

Your recent passport and biometrics would be needed during the registration, so make sure they are captured.

If these are not done accurately, your registration may be null and you would not be allowed into the exam Hall, let alone partake in the examination.

Procedures for WAEC Registration

Visit This is the official WAEC 2021 Registration Portal.

After the page has completely loaded, click on the “Learn More” tab to get basic information about the exam.

Click on “Register now”.

A page containing the procedures which you should follow will be displayed.

Follow the instructions and complete your registration.

After entering your details, ensure that it is accurate before you proceed to completion.

Select the “Submit your application” tab and print a copy of your registration slip.

Hope you found this guide useful. If you still have any questions or concerns on this, feel free to use the comments section below to let us in on your issues.

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