How to register for WAEC offline

This post contains the guidelines for how to register for the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination, WASSCE offline, and download the WAEC Registration Software. This would help you to register prospective candidates in just a few minutes behind the screen of your computer system. Trust me in the process. You must not own a Cyber Cafe or run a registration center to do this.

The WAEC body introduced and released the Offline Software for WASSCE candidates’ registration. This was done to facilitate the registration process especially in schools that lack internet connection and or computer systems, camera and scanner

To be able to register candidates from your laptop or computer system, you would need to install some applications.

This equipment would help you in capturing detailed information about the candidate, passport photographs, etc. These can further be burnt into a CD-ROM or Flash RAM which would be uploaded to the WAEC Branch/Zonal office

Before you burn those details that you have into just any Storage device, you should obtain the CD-ROM from the WAEC office in your locality. It would contain the offline registration program, packages, user manuals, and other information you need to know.

The access the Module for offline WAEC registration, you would need:

A computer system or laptop with a Windows 7 or a later version, high-speed processor, 150GB Hard Disk, a minimum of 2GB RAM, USB Port, etc.

Flatbed Scanner or Digital Camera

Flash RAM or DVD-CD Writer

Now how do you install this CD-ROM?

Use the CD for the current year, like that of the previous years may not work since new features may have been added to the already existing ones

Insert the CD in your computer,

It would automatically run a setup. If it doesn’t, search for “Setup.exe” in a Folder named “Offline Setup”. Don’t worry this would readily be displayed on your screen.

After the setup has been completed, click on next to proceed to installation.

Click on close to exit the page.

The application would be displayed on the home screen of your desktop, and to launch it, you simply double-click on the icon.



First things first: Read the Manuals

  1. Do not make use of a CD or program from the Previous Years to register your candidates. You will not be able to upload the data to the WAEC database. Use the Software or CD for the current year, else the candidate’s data would not be uploaded to the WAEC database.

Double click on the icon “WAEC Offline Registration” on your Desktop. This was the one you installed earlier

Log in to your account but if you are a new user, you have to register to gain access to the system.

Select “Registration” then click on “Candidate registration” before you continue to “Entry Registration”


  1. Click on the Data Entry Menu and Selecting School Info. Here the candidate is expected to fill out all the required details.

Fill in the personal details like Name, date of birth, State of origin, etc

The Total length of surname, first name, and other names must be less than 25 characters.

The Candidate’s passport photo must be in JPEG format and not more than 15KB.

Enter Candidate’s SSS 1 & 2 Continuous Assessment Scores (CAS)

Center number and School name would be displayed

The “Available Subject List Box” displays a list of approved subjects for the examination.

English Language and Mathematics are compulsory, therefore they are pre-selected

Double click on the subject in the list to add the remaining subjects.

Make your pick from the subject in the “Available Subject” list and click on the “>>” icon.

Double click on a selected subject to deselect it.

Choose the subject on the Selected List and click on the “<<” icon

The candidate must register for a minimum of 8 subjects.

Select the “Confirm Entries Ok?” checkbox to verify that all the entries are correct

At this point make sure that all your entries are correct because if a mark “√” sign appears in the checkbox, you have submitted it to the WAEC database for processing and confirmation. You cannot submit your entry if this checkbox is not affirmed.

Click the Submit Button to successfully register and save the candidate’s information.

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