How to Answer WAEC Questions Perfectly

Do you know the best time to learn everything about an exam you want to write is your preparation time?

Many students have failed in answering WAEC questions by not taking note of the rudiments guiding the exam. Do you also know you can answer WAEC questions perfectly without giving a shit for examination malpractice?

Yes, many of us have come across this statement in one way or the other that “WAEC is very hard”. Though it might be hard that doesn’t mean these questions are from heaven.


Do you know that playing according to the rule of the game can make you win?

This means you have no excuse. All you need is to pay attention to the rules and follow the rules strictly because all you need to answer your WAEC question is not a trick or luck, it is about knowing and following the guidelines strictly.

It is a great moment to know how you can answer your WAEC questions perfectly.

There are different sessions of WAEC questions to take note and the truth is that each student is expected to be conversant on how to answer each session perfectly.


The common and major sessions for each subject question are the Objective session and the Essay session.

The two sessions mentioned are always common to all the subjects that students will write during their WAEC exam period likewise, we have a Practical session that is particular to some specific subjects.

Therefore, knowing how to answer your WAEC questions perfectly deals with knowing how to approach each session in your WAEC exam.


We will be discussing the three sessions here so that you can prepare in the right way.

How to answer Objective questions perfectly

These are the multiple-choice questions that are in your WAEC questions.

Though it seems to be the simplest questions because you have different options given to you but it is the trickiest session that students can easily fail when much attention is not given to it.

Let’s dive into how to answer this session of the WAEC questions perfectly. Things to take note of;

  • Take note of instructions guiding it (especially English Language): you have to take note of the instructions guiding each particular question. In English, there are questions you give nearest in meaning and there are some you give opposite in meaning. Students must take note of the instruction guiding how to answer each question.
  • Be patient when reading the questions: pay attention to the details of each question. Read the questions carefully so that you can fully understand the mind of the examiner.
  • Shade properly with pencil only: take your pencil along with you into the examination hall. Shade the box of your answer and don’t tick. Shade only one box for each question and don’t shade beyond the boundary of each box.
  • Save time by answering the easy ones first: don’t stay too long on just one question. Before you run out of time when writing your exam, go for the simple questions first, answer them before you start tackling the hard questions. It will save you time and you will be able to cover a lot of questions.
  • Always note “except” and “not” in a question: to answer your questions perfectly, be careful to take note of questions that contain “except” and “not”. When there is an oversight for those words, the students will surely get the answer wrong. Be watchful.

How to answer Essay questions perfectly

Essay questions are otherwise known as Theory questions by some students. It is a session in which you supply answers to given questions.

One of the beauties of answering your Objective questions first is that there are some answers to your Essay questions in the Objective questions. Paying attention while answering your Objective questions will help you to supply the answers correctly and perfectly.

Many students love this session, since they will be able to freely express themselves in their level of understanding, and there won’t be a restriction on what to choose like the Objective session.

Take note of this hint that, your ignorance will be revealed the more you write. Hence, write less.

Let’s dive into how to answer this session of the WAEC questions perfectly. Things to take note of;

  • Read the instructions carefully: there are instructions on the number of questions to answer in a particular session that students must take note of. Instruction is a core part of the exam when doing it.
  • Read to understand the questions: don’t just assume you know everything about a question by seeing a particular word there. Read the questions keenly and understand what the examiner is passing across. Success cannot be achieved by luck but by paying attention to details.
  • Answer the simple questions first: there are many questions you will find in this session, just make sure to identify and answer the simple and easy questions first. Answering the easy questions first will help you to save much more time. It will also serve as an encouragement to tackle the other ones.
  • Don’t write across the margin line: take note of the margin line and never write across it. The margin line is meant to be used by markers alone. Use your answer sheet wisely and don’t step overboard.
  • Write correct spelling of words: one of the best ways to answer your WAEC questions perfectly is to take note of spellings. A subject like Biology will be a pain in the ass if botanical names are not well written. Pay attention to the spelling when writing to give your marker a good impression.
  • Give direct and concise answers: don’t just write anything to make your book full, write only the necessary and required words. Don’t get your marker bored with your writings but hit the nail on the head and make your writing concise.
  • Answer questions for your country alone: relatively to the instruction given by the examiner, there are some questions particular to some countries and not all. Take note to answer questions particular to your country alone because there is no reward for answering another country’s question.

How to answer Practical questions perfectly

Aside from the two common sessions of WAEC questions, the other session that students must pay attention to is the Practical session.

If not common to all students, science students will certainly partake in Practical sessions.

Likewise, each student that writes a vocational subject exam cannot bypass the Practical aspect of the subject.

Let’s dive into how to answer this session of the WAEC questions perfectly. Things to take note of;

  • Follow the general instructions: the first and basic thing to do is follow the instruction provided by the examiner.
  • Read questions carefully before answering them: do according to what is needed for each question. Don’t go overboard.
  • Take precaution measures: always adhere to the precautions measure, it will help your Practical to be perfect.
  • Make sure everything is done neatly: never make things rough when doing practical. Neatness should prioritize.
  • Don’t be careless about any tool you are using: when dealing with fragile things in the Practical hall, make sure to handle it carefully.

Words to take note

  • LIST: only list what is required without adding to it.
  • HIGHLIGHT: speak about the required in a few and concise words.
  • LIST & EXPLAIN: explain only after listing the answers first.
  • EXPLAIN: write about a term in full detail.
  • DEFINE: to explain a term precisely.
  • BRIEFLY EXPLAIN: do this only in a few and concise words to explain a term.
  • DIFFERENTIATE: give exact and accurate differences between two variables concerning a thing.
  • WITH THE AID OF DIAGRAM: let your diagrams do all the explanation.

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