Top 20 Full Tuition/High Value Scholarships For USA Students In The USA

Wait a moment! We have a list of full tuition/high-value scholarships that will interest you.

There are many scholarship programs for students in the USA but not all scholarships are sought by the majority of applicants. It is the value of a scholarship program that often determines how popular it will be. Many high-value scholarships make room for support such as; full tuition payment, allowance for books, international travel, and health insurance, which is why they are popular. If the listed items meet your expectations, then you are welcome to go through the list of the top 20 full tuition/high-value scholarships for USA students in the USA.

Top 20 Full Tuition/High Value Scholarships For USA Students In The USA
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Top 20 Full Tuition/High-Value Scholarships For USA Students In The USA

1. Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship.

The US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs sponsors the Gilman Scholarship Program. It is a program for undergraduate students in the United States who lack adequate financial resources. It is meant to provide Citizens of the US with global skills to make them leaders in various areas of endeavors through disbursing funds to eligible students for their tuition and other needs. Application for this scholarship can be made online through the designated website. The program has produced many alumni, a testimony of its success over the years.ScholarshipBoard

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 2. National Founders Graduate Business Scholarship

 Graduate business students who have demonstrated an interest in entrepreneurship can apply for this scholarship.  It is open to business students who are graduates of the US; the scholarship is promoted by Brown PC, a boutique law firm. The firm helps businesses in matters of tax litigations. A $500 scholarship awaits successful applicants.

The purpose of the scholarship is to help successful applicants to fund their education. It does not cover only tuition. Other aspects of needs like accommodation, academic resources, and commuting expenses will be covered. Interestingly, students will get the scholarship directly without any mediation. It is open to students with relevant requirements including a minimum of 3.0 in graduate studies on a 4.0 scale.

3. CIA Graduate Scholarship Program

 To qualify for the CIA Graduate scholarship program, applicants need to possess a minimum of 3.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0. Successful applicants will work at the CIA for a certain period. Also, they must demonstrate the willingness to take up a career after graduation. The scholarship program is funded by the US government with unique benefits for selected applicants.

This is because it is borne out of the need for financial support for students in their quest for education. Students face a lot of financial limitations and the CIA thinks that they deserve support and encouragement.

 4. The National Physical Science Consortium graduate fellowship.

 It is a graduate fellowship program for those who are interested in science, engineering, and mathematics.  Application for this scholarship program is open to citizens of the United States who are ready to work with the NPSC through any of its member institutions. The primary goal of this fellowship program is to have more citizens of America with graduate degrees in physical sciences, engineering, and mathematics. It offers an equal opportunity scholarship including an annual $20,000 allowance that covers full tuition and paid internships.

5. The Horatio Alger Career and Technical Scholarship

 The Horatio Alger Association offers a wide range of scholarship programs to meet diverse needs. Its members generously provide scholarship funding numbering up to 500 dollars and valued at $2,500. The Dennis Washington and Jim F. Dicke Izi are reserved for students who were able to pull through life challenges and obstacles. Applicants will demonstrate that they are willing to seek technical education with a post-secondary nonprofit institution. It is also a major requirement that applicants have completed high school and be enrolled in a program. They stress that to be successful, applicants (US citizens) must be equally eligible for the Federal Pell Grant and be below 30 at the time of applying.

6. RIT Financial Aid and Scholarship

RIT stands for the Rochester Institute of Technology. By supporting students in a quest to help young people actualize their potential in the face of financial limitations.  Students interested in studying at the RIT will get financial support through this scholarship program because without the scholarship program, getting an education at RIT is expensive.

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7. National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is one of the largest scholarship programs in the US owing to the number and worth of scholarships awarded. More than $120,000 is earmarked for blind scholars in the  United States. It is aimed at rewarding applicants for their professional accomplishments.

8. Campus-wide National Scholarship

The campus-wide scholarship is for current or new UW Stevens Point students or those who are related to graduates of UW Stevens Point by any legal means. It involves essay writing centered on how the UW graduates are related to making a positive impact in their lives. The chances of getting the scholarship are much higher for applicants with multiple legal relatives who are alumni.

9. The National Scholarship at Georgia College

Students with exceptional academic performances can gain scholarships through the national scholarship at Georgia College. There is a national scholarship office at Georgia College. It is meant to help facilitate the scholarship application of students and alumni. It is a window to various national and international scholarships that promote academic research and career development.

10. UHC National Scholarship

US citizens can be awarded the UHC National scholarship through the Freeman-Asia awards. The scholarship is for undergraduate US citizens who need funding to study in Asia. Successful applicants may study any course of their choice and undergraduate students who are permanent residents can apply.Top 20 Full Tuition/High Value Scholarships For USA Students In The USA

11. National University Scholarship

US Citizens who require education but lack the adequate finances to fund their education can apply for the National University Scholarship. National scholarship by Colorado school of mine. It makes various awards available to applicants and the qualification and criteria varies for each scholarship program.

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12. The USDA/1890 National Scholarship Program

A partnership between the  United States Department of Agriculture and the 1890 Historically Black Land Grant Universities. High school seniors who are just entering their first year in college and juniors can apply for this scholarship.

13. NABA National Scholarship Program

NABA stands for the National Association of Black Accountants Incorporated. It offers trifold scholarship programs such as corporate partner scholarships, and NABA member scholarship awards. These awards are for undergraduate or graduate students in the field of accounting, finance, or business. The scholarship is worth $1,000 to $5,000 dollars.

14. AOE Foundation Scholarship

AOE represents the Alpha Omega Epsilon. A foundation that provides scholarships to women who are undergraduate students specializing in Technical sciences or engineering. The scholarship award involves $1,000 (Rings of excellence) and $3,000 (technical science achievement).

15. Fully Funded Fulbright Scholarship in USA

The FullyFunded Fulbright scholarship is for applicants with a bachelor’s degree and at least a 3.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0. It is sponsored by the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF). It covers both tuition and general needs like health insurance, maintenance, books, and international airfares for those intending to study full-time.

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16. Jewish War Veteran National Achievement program

This National Achievement scholarship is sponsored by Jewish War Veterans of the USA. It is meant to support service members and veterans who intend to attend academic programs such as academic associate programs, bachelor’s, nursing, and graduate programs. It is also for those who are already studying in an accredited institution. The support is offered as grants to the tune of $9,000 annually.

17. National Founders Graduate  Business Student Scholarship

This scholarship program offers $500 to successful applicants who must be current US graduate business students who have shown much interest in business and entrepreneurship. The scholarship program is sponsored by BrownPC for current graduate students of business.

18. Dickinson College Scholarship

Dickinson College offers both grants and scholarships to students. Notable among the Dickinson scholarships is the annual Presidential Scholarship which seeks to promote educational development.  It includes a grant to study various courses at the college. It includes both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science courses. There are over 20 disciplinary and multidisciplinary teams. The award is worth $35,000 annually.

19. University of Wisconsin-stout Scholarship

The University of Wisconsin offers the New Blue Devil First Year Student Scholarship. It is worth $2,000 for first-year students (recent high school students) and it is expected to cover the fall semester. To be eligible, applicants should have a CGPA of 3.5 and above.  They must also show that they need funding and can’t afford it. The scholarship program will be managed by FAFSA, a body that will set criteria for selection.

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20. National Scholarship by Colorado School of Mines.

Applicants can earn about $25,000 annually through this scholarship. The scholarship program at the School of Mines also comprises varieties and interested students can apply for them, meeting each requirement. Famous among them is the Grewcock Presidential Scholarship which covers both the tuition fee and the mandatory fees. Successful applicants can renew this scholarship for 8 semesters.


The availability of full tuition and high-value scholarships in the USA is a testament to the commitment of various organizations, institutions, and government bodies to empower students from diverse backgrounds to pursue their educational dreams. These scholarships offer financial support and, in many cases, comprehensive assistance that extends beyond tuition fees. Aspiring scholars should explore these opportunities to help them achieve their academic and career goals while minimizing the financial challenges associated with higher education. The pursuit of knowledge becomes more accessible and attainable thanks to the generosity of these scholarship providers.

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