6 Tips To Pass Jamb Exam At Once Sitting

Hey, easy, you might think passing jamb is an uphill task as your siblings or friends who have written it in the past must have cried on how hard it is to pass jamb but can I bring to your notice that jamb has its formula and using it would fetch you a good score as simple as ABC, scoring 250 and above is not just achievable, it is easy. You are lucky to have stumbled on this piece of information I am about to give, and I will advise you to give close attention to all I am about to tell you.

It is exciting and fulfilling when you set out to do a particular thing and it ends successfully, the wind around you suddenly blows different, the peace and confidence that you will have has comparison but success is not magic it needs a formula and a strategy.

1. Get and Make decisions using The Jamb Brochure and read within the syllabus:

This is the first thing you should consider as you embark on the journey to get fulfilling results, over the years J.A.M.B has provided it’s candidates with brochures but many have paid little or no attention at all resulting in several problems of wrong choice combinations for the courses and institutions interested in.

A brochure is a book that lists the courses and their respective subject combinations but because of the digitalization after paying for jamb your brochure and syllabus would be given to you in a Compact disc. The brochure  serves as a guide on the courses the school offers and what subject combination it would accept for the UTME and O level with the required so there is no crying at the end.

The jamb syllabus is a book that contains the topics and subtopics of the various subjects that J.A.M.B feels must have been taught and the themes it will set questions from, studying out of J.A.M.B syllabus might not be utter waste but for the sake of the UTME it might pose a futile study and waste of time. The syllabus shows you the area of concentration so you read with precision.


2. Envision your Jamb Score:

As they say failing to plan is planning to fail, It is no crime to picture what you would want to have as your jamb score so that as you dream you can work towards your target, you might end up surpassing what you envisioned and on the other hand even if you fall reaching for moon you will fall amongst stars. Imaging setting a score of 270 and getting a 300 or when you fall above your target getting a 255 as your UTME score


3. Do not procrastinate; be an early bird:

One way to make what is before you less scary is by apportioning your subjects to different days of the week and sticking with them judiciously make sure you give at least 30 minutes of your day in studying a particular subject. J.A.M.B preparation needs diligent and consistent study towards the day of the examination, I stumbled on a quote which says “you do not finish a burger in one bite but by eating it continuously”, this shows us that if we plan ahead and commit ourselves to study on daily basis before the set day we would have known a lot and there will be no anxiety while writing the exams.


4. Find Company in your books and quit Frivolities:

If possible for the period of the preparations of this examination stop going out for every social event, quit hanging out with friends because for a greater goal you will have to sacrifice and when the exams is over and you wish to chill out with friends, Remember your priority is what eventually becomes your reality, Answering past question is one stone used to kill two birds as this brings fun into the study process and also checks your performance to ascertain how much grounds you have covered and how much grounds you have left to uncover preparing you for the D-day.


5. Go for Tutorials and engage in group discussion relating to your subjects:

Tutorial is of the essence in passing jamb where quite often repeated  problems are solved by subject teachers making you conversant with the repeated questions so even when they come in different form or styles you will find it a walk in the park


6. Learn how to Operate a Computer and Write the Mock Exams on it scheduled Date:

If you do not have the know-how on computer, try to learn up and in addition to that try CBT related apps on your phone so you do not become clueless when it is only you and the computer that is left, you can also subscribe to a site like this to keep you in touch with updates before the examination so you are not lost on information that will be needful before going to you centre.


Finally, go into the hall with Confidence Some candidates have shown promise outside the exams hall only to go into the exams hall and are subdued with fear and anxiety, you have got to inhale and exhale knowing full well that having done all that I have told you earlier, you hold the formula to come out with flying colours

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