5 Reasons Why J.A.M.B UTME Should Be Scrapped

We can all attest to the fact that the body in charge of examination into Nigerian tertiary institutions have had so many disadvantages than merits in recent times, it has not only lost its value, it now seems like an old drag whose exit is just by the corner. Allow me to let you see reasons on why J.A.M.B should be scrapped and not be used as the test for gaining admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions.

  • Firstly I would suggest that Universities and Polytechnic within the country set their individual committees and boards to tackle the admission process as they are in the best place to admit students other than letting an external body determine the respective schools, Every institution is unique so using a general examination might not necessarily fit into these school need, so these schools are in the best position to set more professional and effective examinations for its candidates, I feel we have to borrow a leaf from other countries as Schools there sets their unique examination and not some general examination.


  • Another reason that baffles me every time it gets to happen is the ever-changing price for J.A.M.B form yearly, the fee increases and one begins to wonder if these people changing the price of these forms are aware of the economic situation of the country. The body J.A.M.B has seen this as a Moneymaking venture, This is fraud and one of the cogent reasons J.A.M.B has to pack its bags out of our lives.


  • There have been suggestions that J.A.M.B’s validity should span at least three years so as to promote good scores which do not get candidates admitted within a particular year another chance to try again the subsequent year thereby reducing cost but J.A.M.B has been adamant towards these yearnings from the public.


  • A.M.B should be scrapped out based on the first choice and second choice thing in Nigeria that has not really worked out, in the J.A.M.B slip a candidate is to register a limited number of institutions (4) thereby limiting his/her chances of securing admission outside these institutions if they fail to admit him or her. Most universities in Nigeria do not want to play second fiddle and hence do not regard and consider candidates who put them as the second choice thereby pilling the frustration of such candidate if he/her is not admitted by the first university.


  • The U.T.M.E which is being held by J.A.M.B annually is an A level exam that is in a way a level above those O level students who must have acquired credits in their S.S.C.E thereby contributing to the failure rate that is devastating and takes confidence from these candidates who have read their secondary school textbooks, at the end of the day, after checking their JAMB results the results might not be the reflection of the Candidates effort, In a way, it seems J.A.M.B was engineered to more candidates fail and take away their confidence.


I’m sure you have seen reasons with me why Jamb is not just unnecessary but a big fraud that we have to usher out of our educational system.

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