Causes of JAMB Result Mass Failure in Nigeria

We’ve seen the very worst of jamb results but never has there been a worst outing like that of this year. The statistics are an eyesore and it hinges on the fact that the educational sector in this country is facing its Golgotha. To whom or what do we apportion the blames?  J.A.M.B released the saddening statistics, A total of 6,944,368 candidates wrote jamb but only a handful number of 973,384 having scores above the university cut-off marks. This means only 14% passed while 86% failed woefully translating into some awful figures of 5,970,984 as people who failed.

In this article I would give you reasons to what I feel are the causes of this high level failure;

Aftermath of the Corona pandemic: You remember the pandemic that put the world in a confused state yes, this disease that kept students far from school for a year, coming back after a year you would naturally blame the failure rate on the the rustiness of the student. Ok it happened, but we would have made learning possible even during the pandemic but as a nation we tend to fool ourselves to rushing this rusty student to face an exam with ill-preparation.


Since the inception of social media we would agree that the book has been less attractive to the Nigerian youth as instagram, facebook, tiktok, twitter have taken their attention, and seeing other people who are not in the academia like music artiste and movie stars being society heroes the Nigerian youth is now less interested in acquiring knowledge, and raves more about fashion, music, videos and gaming which is the parents and guardian fault for buying powerful gadgets with little or no supervision as to what they do with it.

This can also attributed quality of teachers produced in our country, The people who impart knowledge are sometimes not competent on the job. These teachers have even been found to pass students on the basis that they get money from these young ones, It is gloomy days as teachers now organize miracle centre to encourage examination malpractice and in trying to fill the void of their incompetence again widens it  so when it became clear that the system has been rubbished is when no one can impersonate or bring other foreing material into the jamb centres because of the biometrics and the transparent and strict supervision .

The issue of Insecurity in Nigeria is no news to us as a result most student in troubled parts of the country go to school with fear, and as we all know learning in a scary atmosphere is disastrous hence contributing  some percentage of the failure rate.

There has been allegation in some quarter that Jamb set their questions outside the syllabus  meanwhile the student concentrated within the breadth of these syllabus; given them little chance to score high and the cause of the overall failure . Jamb should base their examinations on the syllabus they gave out or else it will be give room to suspicion and questioning.

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