Is JAMB Result Upgrading Real or Scam? Everything You Need to Know

J.A.M.B Result Upgrade should be one of the most queried questions on the net right now. What I would do today is to guide you in the right light, ok. At what point do I increase my score? Is Jamb upgrade legit? How many marks are being added? All these are what I would treat.

The term J.A.M.B upgrade is constantly repeating annually after students do not meet required scores in the Jamb examinations for their choice institutions, instead opt for shortcuts, falling prey into the hands of scammers who give false hope, you have got to know that there is no such thing as a Result upgrade. Let me put it in simpler words these people do not care about you or your ambition. What their concern is, is your money.

Know for starters that your results are in a database before jamb released your results; they had it with them, which is automated and cannot be corrected as results are being sent to your choice institutions immediately. In cases where many have paid for an upgrade, there has been no reflection on the jamb sites, all the pictures of jamb slips showing changes across the internet are edited, thus making this full-blooded fraud that only leads to that end where it only ends in tears. I know you are wise enough not to be tricked into giving your money to scammers.

I stumbled on a website where candidates were assured of 390 for 50,000 & 290 for 36,000 coupled with terms and conditions like money is refundable and there is no half payment what other writing on the wall is needed for you to believe is not genuine.

Let’s be logical here, have you seen Physical CBT centres or Jamb Classes that promise this impossibility? The answer is a loud no; no, they are cowards who feed on your fears to make money, posing as your saviour with suspicious and poorly developed social media profiles.

Not only is it foolish to give money for upgrade, it is also not safe as the person who you gave money to upgrade the result if caught will not be the only one to be prosecuted, but you who patronized the fraudster will also be apprehended.

Instead of getting into more trouble, why not try other alternatives like IJMB and JUBEB or better still buy the change of institution form and change either your institution or course, whichever one looks favourable. It even makes more sense to wait for the next exams with diligence and preparation; you would get a better score and go into your choice school than falling for this daylight robbery of Result upgrading.

I would end this column by answering the FAQs on the J.A.M.B result upgrade.

At what point do I increase my score?

There is nothing like jamb upgrade so do not let anyone talk you into a deadline for jamb upgrade, because it is all lies.

Is Jamb upgrade legit?

As I have said the jamb upgrade is a hoax. Please don’t fall for it.

How many marks are being added?

No mark is being added, do not play the fool by paying an amount for designated marks. It is a packaged scam

Wisdom is profitable.

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