7 Reasons Why JAMB Result is So Bad this Year

Jamb 2020/2021 results took a totally different dimension as the record of students who failed the exams was alarming and a cause for concern as to the future of our country’s education, many people have failed these exams in the past but this year exams took a plunge. The statistics is an eyesore; to what are we going to attribute this failure rate to. I would crave your indulgence as I show you what has brought the awful result and the possible solutions to proffer.

1. Alteration in the School calendar:

The pandemic named Corona virus that affected the world in 2020 did not leave us without worries, In Nigeria we had to go back on our educational sector and meet it a dilapidated mess, it affected the school calendar because during the lockdown most schools couldn’t go on with learning as other climes in the world who incorporated the e-learning into their curriculum and student where able to learn from the comfort of their homes  ,down here in Nigeria students had to stay at home for close to a year before schools opened, mind you, these students were book rusty, many had no reason to go revise their books as the social media was there to get their attention, coming back our schools threw themselves all in to rush the curriculum hence leading to this doomsday of results we have just seen. The truth about education that we often tend to forget is that it is a process, when you go for shortcuts in a bid to avoid what is required it will always end in failure. The Federal government during the pandemic would have had structures in place to support e-learning instead of waiting for normalcy to happen, and cramming all academic terms within a short period.

2. Studying without the syllabus:

J.A.M.B as a body provides an annual template for students to base their study on, but many students  paid no attention to it, studying out of the syllabus and spending lots of time on irrelevant topics which turned out to be fruitless as Jamb has consistently pulled its question from this material. I plead to any person who has the intention to write J.A.M.B, consult your syllabus when studying for this examination page by page as this is one of the instruments that would land you in success.

3. Ill Preparation:

Permit me to say this is the major factor that contributed to poor scores in the J.A.M.B examinations this year ; Inadequate preparation is very costly as it resulted in a total waste of resources towards coming out victorious in the exams. Every examination is peculiar and no exams should be underrated, many people didn’t fail jamb because they were dunces, Many students failed this year because they were not ready as at the day of exams, many parties are to blame, teachers for not covering students on the areas J.A.M.B set, students for being light-hearted with their studies and parents for encouraging non-challance from their wards, Many students enter their exam centres ill-equipped, so I will advise read to read their your books, put distractions aside and reach for success rather than playing with their future.

4. Inability to use the CBT:

Some students were not computer literate thus hampering their performance and it is a fact that some outrageous percentage of persons did not fail for other reasons in the just concluded exams but for the inability to use a computer, since 2014 J.A.M.B had a shift from the PPT which is the Paper and Pencil Test type to the Computer Based Test, so there is no going back, in this vein candidates needed to have gotten themselves acquainted with computer, if possible enroll in a computer school to have the know-how, and also register for Mock jamb when it is time, so that during the exams they would have been conversant with their computer.

5. Social Media:

Every pointer leads to this cause, who says the social media is bad, I would  play with this imagery of social media as a fire that makes food but still burns if exposed without caution, the social media has been used the wrong way and it has had its adverse effect on the society off late. J.A.M.B 2021 candidates gave more time to Instagram, making tik tok videos, whatsapp and facebooking. Moderation would have been key knowing that they had something bigger in the pipeline.

6. Decline in the country’s educational system:

No matter how we try to hide the fact that our Country’s educational system is in a mess, the more it pops it ugly head. Our education is suffering, and the recurrence of these abysmal results we have seen of late is nothing but all that is paying off. You don’t expect to sow nothing and have a bountiful harvest, you don’t expect to allocate low funds and treat education will little attention and expect the best of J.A.M.B results. In another light our educational system is being affected by the high rate of malpractice where student are aided to pass other exams, but when it comes to J.A.M.B because of its transparency in the biometric process which does not give room for impersonation and all other vices it becomes palpable how deep this rot has reached in the educational sector.

7. Poor Adherence to Instructions:

We could summarize on this not that most candidates who participated in the 2021 examinations did not follow instructions directly or indirectly, some candidates went into the exams hall without going through the biometric process where officials stood infront of the halls collating informations of candidates, this resulted in jamb withholding some results, there were cases of candidate who finished their exams before time, some actually had already seen instruction from their respective houses that when the exams started they gave no heed to instruction on the computer screen.

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