Top 5 JAMB CBT Preparatory Apps to Use

The past question is gradually phasing out of the scene as it came with the PPT, what we now have is the CBT which goes hand in hand with computer based apps for J.A.M.B  which is available for both mobile phones and Personal Computers . The developers of these apps have always been coming up with modifications and interfaces that look like the actual J.A.M.B examinations to give candidates a beforehand feel of what it is like, what these CBT apps has done is that it has taken away the phobia people get upon setting their eyes on a computer screen, it has brought down anxiety and fear to a very low level. In this article we are interested in helping you find out which is the best, most efficient, without hitches and which app has similar interface to aid a smooth preparation for the examinations.

It is necessary to  test yourself after you must have covered study in the J.A.M.B  syllabus, and use this as a training ground for the main exams, beautiful thing about these apps is that you could try as many times as you want and your scores will pop up right after you are done, to show you how you faired. These apps are all unique with set time, contain syllabus and brochures  and good thing about most of them is that they are offline applications, that is to say they can be assessed with or without data ,

My school J.A.M.B CBT practice App:


This CBT practice App promises over 18,800 past questions of different subject ranging from the arts to sciences. These developers made computer software and when they noticed that some lots of people were still left out they decided to bring the android applications to mobile phone users. Exciting thing about this app is that you could switch from answering questions based on their year to answering based on topics, it also gives you the discretion to change the topics, the year, exam time and username.

Lots of outstanding features like:

A dictionary: to help you with definitions of up to 9200 words.

A voice to text: This helps to read aloud written explanations for clarity.


Calculator: This was programmed to aid one’s calculations without minimizing or exiting app to go use a calculator.

UTME challenge: The developers of this app in a bid to bring fun into learning decided to create challenges where other student can compete with peers and win prizes online.

Other features include career guide, bookmarks, school finder and rich result.


 Flash Learners App

Flashlearners app is both available as softwares for PCs and apps for mobile phone, this app contains about 18,000 questions as past questions from different years  from 23 different subjects it also has up to date facilities like the voice to text , built in calculator and the Intelligence personal Assistant (IPA).

Awajis JAMB CBT Android App:

This app is one app whose interface looks like the J.A.M.B examinations, it is an offline app which requires no internet at all, with about 17000 past questions, it has summaries of 20 J.A.M.B past novels including sweet sixteen, There is also Subject and topic select button to ascertain performance or progress. This app is unique in the sense that it has no expiration date; nothing is fixed on this CBT app as everything has space for you to fit to what will be most comfortable for you.

Exams Q and A :

From the staples of G-brain this a brilliant simulation that is similar to the UTME examination interface, it has a voice over system and also has over 18,000 past questions from 23 subjects, it has different novel and alterations can be made on the timing and number of questions to be answered. This is available as a phone application.

With this recommendation I am sure of one thing that the exams won’t pose a hardnut to crack if you diligently use these app in your preparation because you will be a lot more conversant with the interface and the questions and syllabus in these apps would have given you a direction,

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