Things to Do after Getting Low JAMB Score

You stopped and decided to enter on seeing the heading; you question yourself if miracles still happen? Yes my friend miracles happen and there is still a possibility of getting admitted into a school of higher learning this year with that low score of yours. Follow me as I unfold the next step to take after having a low score in jamb examination.

Get A Change Of Course Form:

A change of course form is a form that is usually on sale few weeks after the release of UTME results, where a candidate could change the course he applied for or make changes in the tertiary institution s/he initially chooses. My advice to you now is to change the course applied for from a competitive to a less competitive with similar subject combination by so doing you stand a chance of getting admitted because the trick about it is that many people are clamoring for some courses and leave the other courses with only a handful of applicants.


In a situation were your dream about studying the course you initially applied for is still alive, you could go on to finish your first year in the new department  and get a high cumulative of 4.00 and transfer to your desired department.

With a low J.A.M.B score of not less than 180 you could consider northern schools because they are less competitive in comparison to the schools in the south, and a decent score which may be seen as low in the west or south may actually fetch you admission.

There is an exception to courses like law and medicine which are always competitive irrespective of the region, so it will be wise for you to use safer measures by going for a less competitive course.



There might still be some rays of hope after all, most universities do not write post UTME after J.A.M.B dissuaded it but some schools have gone back to that process and if the school you applied for still writes post UTME, lucky you, You could actually use an excellent performance in the post UTME to augment for the low Jamb score which might put you on a spot to get admitted.

Apply For A University That Does Not Require A HIGH JAMB Result Before Admission:

Some universities still accept students with low jamb scores, but these are mostly private universities. These universities accept J.A.M.B scores as low as 120, so you could consider getting into one of these schools that can accommodate these scores.


Consider Polytechnics and Universities:

When you score below 180 the truth about it is that you can’t get university admission except you choose to go to a private university, if you consider tertiary institution education via public schools the polytechnics and colleges of educations are available and your scores might see you comfortably get admission into these schools, but in a situation were you are still determined to secure university education you can write jamb or better still wait till you acquire and National Diploma and use it to get admission via Direct Entry you see at the end of the day you stand a chance of acquiring an extra certificate other than waiting for the next J.A.M.B.

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