How to Score Highest in JAMB this Year

How to Score Highest in JAMB this Year – My personal experience and tips that work. Getting admitted into your choice University is the dream of every Secondary School Certificate holder or soon-to-be holder.

You can not get into the higher institution without first getting a high score in your Joint Administration And Matriculation Board (JAMB) Exams.

You might have written the exams tons of times yet, you don’t reach the cut-off mark of the Institution you applied for.


Likewise, you may be a “Fresher”, still new to the whole ball game of JAMB. You are in SS1 or SS2 or even SS3, and you are making plans of how well you are going to live your life once you leave secondary school.

I know you might have come across numerous posts like this, but this one is different.

Care to know why?

That’s because I would be sharing my personal experiences with you, how I scaled through JAMB in one sitting, gained admission the same year, and all that you need to know.


I hope you grab one or more lessons as you read through my success story.

I wrote JAMB in 2019, got admitted to study Medicine and Surgery at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN). jamb result

I don’t mean to brag but it was not as tough as I imagined it.


This is what I did differently; I started studying very early. Honestly, it all began in my JSS1.

Don’t get me wrong, you mustn’t start preparing for JAMB from your JSS1 as I did.

If you are already out of school, there is still a way forward and I would be showing you that as you read through.

Ok as I said earlier, I started my “Bookish” journey in JSS1. Back then I was in an “F” class, like, JSS1F.

If you are in or you attended a very populated school as I did, then you would agree with me that those who were in “A” class, were seen as the elites, while others in “F”, “G” and the likes were made to believe they had blockheads.

I received insults and mockery, not just from my fellow students but also from some teachers as well. They take us as “unserious” and as such won’t bother teaching us.

When I meet my mates in the “A” and “B” classes to lend me their notes they would bluntly refuse. The reply I get is usually, “I don’t want you to lose my note”.

This dealt with my confidence, but instead of going down, I worked on my studies, and gracefully, during the following session in JSS2, I landed in “C” class.

From that one big win, I started aiming for an “A” class, by the time I would be in Senior Secondary.

God’s favor was with me and I got into “A” class.

During one of our orientations as Seniors in school, though still in SS1, my Civic Education teacher gave us a motivational speech.

I know motivational can be very boring but thank God I listened to this one.

He mentioned that we should buy JAMB past questions in our four core courses. Because I wasn’t paying attention, I thought he said that it was compulsory, so I went ahead to purchase it.

When school resumed, I was shocked and a bit annoyed that I bought books (I thought) that I wouldn’t be needing.

Forgive me to use the cliche, “Everything that happens, happens for a good reason”.

Ordinarily, I shouldn’t be studying that, but I felt that the book shouldn’t go to waste, so I began reading through some of them.

Yes, some of the questions were complicated to me since I had not treated those topics.

What I started doing was to visit related questions from topics that we were taught in class.

As time flew by, I can’t recall, I was then in SS3, and preparing for my JAMB, SSCE, and NECO exams.

While my mates were still starting to study their past questions, I was almost done with it.

I could even answer some questions without the complete recitation of the question.

It was as easy as that.

Time for JAMB registration came, and I scribbled down UNN, Medicine, and Surgery as my choice University and dream course.

Another thing I did was to write down the scores I wished to get. Then I would pray over it before I started reading.

This is also based on the law of attraction. You would attract what your mind is always set upon.

If you are positive that you would perform well in the exams then you would. If you think you can’t, then your chances of making it would be slim.

Call me greedy I don’t mind, my dream JAMB score was 360. Let me shock you, luckily, I hit the jackpot with a 303 when my jamb result was released.

Seeing my score, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled, probably because I set my goal at a higher level.

This is certainly not what you expected to see. You thought I would bore you with my life story which you presume untrue.

Well, if you did get bored, just read through these letters in bold below.

Whatever you think about this, stick to it. I just hope I have enlightened someone.

If you don’t still get what my little secret to making a 300+ was, then I would be highlighting it.

Even though JAMB 2021 performance was bad, many smart students still manage to get across board. See: Top 10 JAMB Result Highest Score 2021






Trust me, you would do well in your exams if you try this out.

Once again it’s always been God, don’t depend on your efforts alone. Your Creator has a role to play in your success.

I look forward to hearing your success story. Good luck on smashing your 300+ score in your JAMB.

I trust you can make it.

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