Challenges of JAMB Computer-Based Test in Nigeria

The introduction of CBT by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (J.A.M.B) in its UTME examinations has come with a lot of inconveniences as Nigeria is just adjusting to the technology, mind you this didn’t come without it’s goodies as examination malpractice to a large extent has been curbed, and the process of marking and release of result has been hastened. Many have failed to acclimatize to the standards of the new CBT technology after the PPT examination type was put out of use, there are still factors militating the proper use of the CBT technology in Nigeria hence slowing down the processes.

This write-up will highlight the factors that have made the Computer Based Test an uphill task and a drag for students who sit for these annual exams.

Poor ICT Infrastructure:


Some of the infrastructures used for these exams are inferior and out of use, but because of its relatively low price, in a bid to cut low on cost the people involved procure sub standard accessories which do not last or are not efficient, there has been cases of an overstretch of a material’s or Machine’s capacity. In a case where a set of computer have been used for other works before bringing it to an exam hall which may result in the system’s collapse. As funny as it sounds in the 21st century, some rural areas do not have bandwidth coverage to enable access to the internet, so when it is time for the exams, they are handicapped because they are void of computer literacy, and the examination is solely computer based.

 Epileptic Power Supply:

The setback caused by the irrelevant electricity in Nigeria is enormous, not to talk of its effect on the educational sector and to be more specific J.A.M.B CBT. There have been numerous cases were candidates were cut short in the middle of an all important exam, bringing fear, anxiety, affecting the candidates psyche and overall performance.

 Software glitch:


The J.A.M.B CBT is an automated system, meaning that the exams which pop up on the screen is been run by a software, software challenges about the C.B.T has been rather too frequent than usual leaving candidates stranded in the exam hall. There have been cases where login in to a candidate’s exam was not possible and also cases of the system finishing candidate’s work before time.

 High rate of computer literacy:

The stats say most Nigerian high school leavers lack basic computer skills and this is evident in the U.T.M.E results that we have been having of late, in the PPT days there was a reasonable percentage of successes, students might be fully prepared for an exam but because they are without computer skills there is a high tendency that they will click on wrong options, have difficulties in login in and submitting. In a situation were we have teachers who are not in tandem with computer, you would expect the student of such teacher to be clue about computer operations.


Inadequate Computers:

Some examination venues used by this J.A.M.B have been ill-equipped with a limited number of computers to accommodate the population student thereby bringing stress and rancor between students and making it a slow and hectic process.

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