Disadvantages of JAMB Exam to Nigerian Students

The controversies surrounding  J.A.M.B are enormous and disturbing as this is the main channel of candidates getting admission into institutions of higher learning within Nigeria, the plight of an average Nigerian who wants to further studies his/her is based on the fact (J.A.M.B) that this system is cumbersome, frustrating and a nightmare to many on a yearly basis. There has been yelling and wailing amongst parents, students and those in the academia as to the fraudulent and not so transparent system associated with jamb, while some are asking for it to be scrapped, some are of the opinion that it should be reformed, today we will look at the disadvantages so it doesn’t seem as though we are crying foul without cogent and genuine reasons.

The Inconsistency of Jamb is one than that makes heads hang in despair, the constant fluctuations of cut-off mark to accommodate those who failed thereby lowering their standards and making a breeding ground for failure and mediocrity, jamb cut off has been lowered severally from the known cut-off for universities from 180 to 130 and as if that is not enough we have seen a dip to a score like 120! For God’s sakes 120 is too low a score to be considered for University admission but jamb has been of the habit of going with the wind of failure in accommodating such degrading score, we should know this that apart from university education there are also polytechnics and colleges of education, so many who do not reach university points, the polytechnics and COE should accommodate those who fall within its range instead of compromising standards. Jamb has been highly compromised sending shockwaves of incompetence throughout society because we cannot be better than what we produce.

Jamb has been accused to set questions outside the syllabus given to students to concentrate thereby having great and massive effect on the results and grades of its candidates coupled with the fact that the curriculum jamb uses is an outdated and old one which is not in tandem with modern needs this translates to being a bore and an old method that will yield no result in society. Jamb is disadvantaged in this area because it has not come to the realities of our fast changing world but is sticking to its archaic formula that is no longer in vogue.


Jamb registration is Stressful and time consuming, you will attest to the fact if you have written jamb or gone around were jamb is being registered that it is always a crowded place with little or no ventilation, this could be eased, but no, Jamb has inculcated stress as its modus operandi always having throngs together in a place for registration and biometrics when this burden could be shared amongst the many cyber cafés we have in this country.

The environment of some of the examination centres has been bad as students are students are ushered into ill-ventilated rooms which causes discomfort psychologically and physically, there have also been issues of power outage and hitches with the C.B.T process thereby delaying students and making

There has also been cases whereby some candidates with outstanding were denied admission after doing well in the exams, some attribute this to the fact of closure of school portal, but if we were to look at it from this Point of view were the schools examination is the sole examination the candidate is to write we would hardly have a case of jamb taking time to send candidates scores to the schools and those excellent candidates missing out on getting admitted.

Many candidates yearly have been taken away by the cold hands of death having accidents on the way to their examination centres, the alarming rate of death can be traced to the facts that jamb has posted candidates far from their homes and placed their venues afar off like I heard of a candidate of candidate who left Abeokuta for Zamfara to write his exams, Jamb has not come to the reality that the economy is hard and some of these candidates are self sponsored, posting candidates far away exposes them to mental, psychological and do not forget financial stress.


Now you can see that the whistle has not been blown unjustly but that jamb has had many downsides affecting the Nigerian youth who has an ambition to excel academically.

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