Reasons Why JAMB is Obsolete

Hello people, today I want to give you reasons why jamb is now like an old car in the garage that is not being used or regarded, join me on this exposition.

Jamb was one time revered as the true test for any student who seeks University and Polytechnics slots, but down the years there has been a decline, the exam body has lost its reputation and standings in the scheme of things.

1. There are no other substitutes to Jamb: With the inception of bodies like IJMB and JUPEB students who fail jamb can look for a way to gain admission into institutions of higher learning by going through these other bodies that give one admission into 2nd year as a direct entry, hence, making more sense than staying another year to write another jamb.


2. Poor State of Nigerian Universities and constant strike: Nigerians are aggrieved with the educational sector that is suffering and is not fully equipped to produce professionals, The constant strike in Nigeria universities is a scare to students who will want to study as the number of years for study constantly increases dragging them backward as a result of this many students have sought for greener pastures outside leaving jamb as a no go area.

3. Giving Admission based on catchment areas rather than on Merit: This has been one of the undoing’s of jamb who operate on this pattern, In a country that belongs to everybody there should no segregation in terms of how many people are admitted from an area as against the other, in another thought Merit and excellence should be prioritized over tribalism. This has marred the image of J.A.M.B to a very large extent. It is actually a bitter pill to swallow when one is denied based on the state he is from and the quota system game is played on him.

4. Godfatherism and Political interference: Politics has eaten deep into Nigeria’s educational system not sparing J.A.M.B, students who do not merit admission are given admission to the detriment of others who passed but have no one to put them on this is because the former have long legs as said in local parlance, this process is been repeated theming the examination that was once glorified as fraud.

5. Absorption Capacity of the schools: In Nigeria, there are few schools compared to the population of jamb applicants awaiting admission, only a few slots are occupied out of the throngs of the crowd that registered to make it a frustrating process and making people lose faith in ever getting admission.


6. Hanging on to Obsolete Courses: In a world of rapid change, it is only necessary that every sector of a government changes that is even the educational sector in a situation where we hang on to disciplines that are of no consequence in this modern-day it will only take us backward. Nigerian universities are still holding unto courses like library science and are out of touch with courses like software engineering, animation e.t.c. This takes people outside to learn what is of benefit in these modern times.

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