How to Change Your Jamb Email Address or Password

There are many reasons why you would need to change your JAMB email address. You may have had some mistakes in your profile during registration, you may not be able to access your profile since it indicates “invalid email address”, or the email had been used before.

Carefully read through this post as I guide you over the shoulder on what you need to know, and that which you should do concerning JAMB change of email address, password and phone number.

I would start by outlining the reasons why you may need to edit or change your JAMB email address.

  • Missing out a letter, number or character of your email address. When you try logging in to your profile, it would indicate “invalid email address” or “the email address does not exist.” That is probably because you delivered the wrong details during registration.
  • Making use of a previously used email address. If the email address you submitted had previously been used, you would face issues when trying to regain your JAMB score. Even when trying to log in to your JAMB profile, you may not be granted access to it.



There are many ways to retrieve or change your password on JAMB profile page.

You can login to the email address you used for registration. In your mailbox, look up for a mail from JAMB with the subject, “Profile creation details.”jamb result

Follow this link to visit the page for resetting your JAMB password:

To change your password through SMS, type “PASSWORD EMAIL” and send it to 55019 through the same number you used for registration.


By changing your JAMB email address, you would need a recovery email address. It is advised that you use Gmail as it has a higher response rate when working with JAMB.

  • To do this, you have to visit
  • Input an email address which you would use as a recovery mail.
  • Enter the phone number you used to register for JAMB.
  • From here, you would have to input your full name and correct date if birth.
  • Click on enter. A mail would be sent from JAMB to that email address to confirm the change.
  • Go to that mail and confirm it, then your email would be changed automatically.

Please take note that not all email address can be recovered after they have issues. You would have to visit a JAMB office in your locality, to effect this change.


When changing anything on your profile, mind you that you would be required to pay a specific amount of money to the JAMB officials. This you can do at a bank or you can pay through an agent while sparing some charges.

The usual charge for Data Correction on JAMB profile is Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only (2, 500).

  • Visit
  • Login to your profile with the email address and password that you used during registration.
  • Select the “UTME Registration Data Correction” Tab
  • Click on change email address
  • Proceed to make payments for the corrections done
  • A transaction ID will be shown on your screen. It is with this Transaction ID that you can effect changes on your profile. Do well to keep it safe for future references

If this process does not go well with you or you got confused at any instant, then you can as well visit an accredited JAMB CBT centre or office close to your location. It would be easier for you that way.

Feel free to comment with your questions and suggestions.

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