How to Pass JAMB without Studying    

Curious about how to pass your next Jamb without studying?

Passing Joint Admission Matriculation Board with ease can be achieved now, without cheating, paying for any dime to anybody, or even getting anyone involved. In an actual sense, it’s even getting more difficult to get Jamb cheat since it has now be computerized the questions is not general.

Is JAMB necessary?

Let start the discussion on the importance of writing JAMB before we take a deep dive into How to pass JAMB without studying.

Is passing an exam without studying possible? I’d bet to disagree. There is no cheat anywhere, and there is no miracle to do. A popular adage says ‘a man that fails to plan is planning to fail’. No one becomes successful by chance or luck, success is a result of input.

Writing jamb is not compulsory in the first place! It started in Nigeria in 1978, and it was established to conduct an entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for Nigeria prospect undergraduates.

The aim of the body is to ensure all higher education aspirants are exposed to the same examination when seeking admission into higher institutions.

Higher institutions in Nigeria, which include, polytechnics, monotechnics, Universities, and colleges of Educations, have made JAMB the general standard for being considered into their environment.

The question of if JAMB is necessary is not a general question, it is only compulsory for every Nigerian that sought to take their academic career beyond the secondary school certification. Secondary school certificates from ages can be regarded as an achievement unlike in these recent years, where much value is not placed on it.

However, to gain admission into a higher institution with JAMB, Senior Secondary School Certification is a must. We have three major senior school certification examinations in Nigeria which are the West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC), National Examination Council (NECO), and National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB).


It’s no longer a piece of news, to gain admission into any higher institution, every prospect must pass through the Joint Admission Matriculation Board as they have been saddled with the responsibility of:

  • Conducting Matriculation Examination into any higher institution in Nigeria
  • Appointing examiners, invigilators, Moderator and other personnel involved in conducting a successful examination
  • Offer aspirant admission into a higher institution after considering:
    • The availability of the limit in terms of the maximum they can accommodate
    • The approved proprietor’s guideline or guide for other competent authorities
    • The aspirant choice of higher institution and preferred course

The truth is, the decision of the Board follows protocol and can’t be influenced by an individual for a personal interest.


So many questions have been flooding the net on how to pass JAMB without studying. The issue is, many had written JAMB for offer 3times, I even learned of someone that wrote about 10times before gaining admission.

Is JAMB that difficult to pass?

The blunt answer to this is NO.

I wrote JAMB thrice! This means this article also includes a practical guide that will help you to gain admission to the school of your choice and even study the course you desire most.

The way JAMB has been painted over time, every candidate always gets a big picture of it. Candidates always believe it’s one big exam and only the intelligent can pass with high marks. Whereas in the real sense, JAMB has never been passed by only the brightest students.

Have you heard the popular saying? “Not by Power, nor by Might…” is exactly what is applicable in JAMB.

The next three-paragraph will be my story, you can skip in not interested, but I bet you’d learned from it.

Wrote the first JAMB in SSS3, obviously attended school special tutorials for us then (Unity Schools do that a lot, even early morning classes, we all stay in the hostel). Moreover, I prepared well for the exam. It was still a paper-based test then, cheating was more rampant and I was tempted but don’t have the courage. I had 187 at the first attempt.

I picked another form the following year, now done with secondary school. This time around, I attended paid tutorials and read hard, my teacher even commended my brightness but ended up scoring 147. Is that not hilarious?

On my thirst attempt, I was already busy with some other academic activities that I neglected JAMB, I only devoted the last one week to reading JAMB material, and that was when the breakthrough came.

How to Pass JAMB without Studying

Who said you wouldn’t study?

I can only promise you won’t study with all your strength. The following activities will help you to study and pass JAMB almost without studying. It’s the simply cheat you have been curious about:

Study with Past Question:

Hey! Do you know there are no new questions again? There is no question you are answering now that someone has not asked or answered before. When you search the net, was it only this article that popped up?

Every question nowadays is revamping old questions. Get your past question and every question you can lay your hand on and solve hard.

Don’t study with the mindset that the question will be repeated word for word, but the same application will be asked again. It helps.

Study with Insight:

To pass JAMB without studying hard, you will have to know what matters and what don’t do. Focus your strength on only important topics.

You can draw out topics JAMB always ask, then arrange them in order of importance and read them. It might be the ones you are presently weak in first so you can maximize time and strength.

Study with Key point:

JAMB is not WAEC or NECO that will ask you to explain in detail. Don’t do the mistake of trying to read a big textbook within a short. Short and precise is the key, it helps to assimilate faster and remember things with ease.

Study with your environment:

How about relating your studying with your physical environment? It sticks more! Research has shown that what a day hears and sees linger better than what you hear only or see only.

Creating images, linking objects to connect the dots of your study will help you so well in praying for your exams.


Having said all these, do you know your passion? What do you really have an interest in? is JAMB a prerequisite to crushing your goal?

Yes to all these questions simply means you have a drive already as to why you need to study. Always remember, if it is worth doing, then it is worth doing well.

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