How to Practice JAMB Online

Are you preparing for your JAMB and you worried since you’ve not done it before? Then you are really at the right place to know how can get yourself prepared by practicing online JAMB quiz before your JAMB examination day.

There are many platforms that really give JAMB candidates a wide view of what they will face during their exams and this is really a good chance for candidates to know all it takes to do JAMB.

So give up the strange feeling concerning your JAMB exam and find out how to practice JAMB online.


Getting off on the right shoe is really the best way to prepare you for your JAMB exam. JAMB has always been considered as one of the tedious exams when trying to gain admission into any tertiary institution of choice, but it has been noticed that candidates prepared wrongly.

More so, some students end up failing since they’ve been wrongly oriented concerning JAMB and they’ve been filled up with fear in their thought which always leads to exam tension.

But you don’t have to be caught up in this experience!



All you just need to do is to get yourself acquainted with the JAMB past questions and get their mode/ways of asking questions.

Staying oriented is the best option for candidates and this can be achieved.

It takes diligence to prepare ahead of your examination before starting it. Preparation doesn’t have to deal with reading of all the syllabuses alone but it deals with knowing how the questions are been asked from time past and what the examiners can ask questions from each subject.


What you need to know about JAMB

Before you have the full list of how to practice online Jamb questions, let’s check what you need to know about JAMB.

JAMB is an acronym having the full meaning of Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board. It was founded in the year 1978 and it is an examination board that is mainly used as entrance examination into tertiary institutions level for Nigerians.

JAMB as the Tertiary examination board conducts entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination otherwise called UTME for students that want to gain admission into Nigerian Universities.

JAMB does not supervise the Universities admission alone but it supervises all the tertiary institutions.

Just to get you informed. JAMB is not the exam you do when trying to gain admission into Nigerian Private or Public Polytechnics, Monotechnics, Colleges of Educations, or Universities. It is UTME that you do to gain admission and the board that conducts the UTME is JAMB.

UTME was Paper Based Test (PBT) but it’s now Computer Based Test (CBT).

That implies that every candidate must be acquainted with a computer in other to do the JAMB entrance Examination (UTME).

The best way to know how UTME is been answered and scored is to be fully aware through the online JAMB questions that are made available online for everyone aspiring tertiary education in Nigerian Tertiary institutions.

Visit the JAMB website today:

Practicing JAMB Online

There are different questions that will be popping up from your mind as a newbie to the JAMB exam.

You don’t need to panic, all you need to do is to follow instructions and everything will be fine. You can score more than what you ever thought of if you can just pay attention.

There are many online JAMB CBT practice portals that you can find on the internet.

Laying your hands on any of the practice portals to answer their questions is very cool but I would prefer you searching out for those that are strictly Computer or Laptop supportive because that is the only way you can have the best experience concerning the JAMB exam.

Solving practice questions on your mobile phone will only be taught your negligence and that might result in failure in the JAMB exam because you will make use of the Computer and not the mobile phone.

Laying your hands on online practice questions is good but let it be with a Computer or Laptop.

Likewise, practicing online JAMB questions is relatively good for JAMB candidates since it will help all candidates to be Computer literate.

Currently in Nigeria, it is not every member of society that has access to a computer or laptop.

Practicing the online JAMB questions will leave the candidates with no choice but to get acquainted with the computer or laptop.

Don’t you think it will bring a disheartening experience, after reading the whole JAMB syllabus and you couldn’t even answer just a question when answering your JAMB questions because you are computer illiterate?

That will be the devil’s day in your life but that can be avoided by doing online practice JAMB questions.

Sure this is now getting more interesting to you because your long-awaited Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination is around the corner.

Losing this opportunity to gain admission into the tertiary institution of your choice might cost you a year to sit back at home waiting to write another UTME or cost you to lose the school of your choice for an alternative school. Likewise, you stand the chance to forgo your course of choice.

Either way, you can evade the bad experience that is tagged with the writing of UTME.

Preparation is the key!

How to practice your online JAMB questions

UTME is a computer-based test that can only be done through the internet by any candidate.

One of the ways of securing UTME so that cheating and exam malpractice can be curbed is that UTME is been done in some specific centers all over Nigeria. The maximum level of security are been made available so that candidates won’t play wisely when solving the JAMB questions.

Likewise, every candidate that wishes to practice online JAMB questions should be disciplined enough and avoid cheating before the day of his/her JAMB exam.

Practice your online JAMB questions with the full consciousness that you are setting the track you want to follow while doing the exam. Stay focus when doing the practice questions because everything you need to know is right there in the past questions.

Check how the questions are set and know they it is been marked.

Follow this guide to practice JAMB online:

– Get a computer/ laptop to practice with,

– Get enlightened on how to use the computer,

– Get your JAMB CBT practice portal,

– Select your combinations,

– Start your practice questions,

– Review and answer your practice questions,

– Submit your answers and wait for your score.

There is some JAMB portal that will require you to pay some amount of money before you can have unlimited access to their JAMB practice questions. Get yourself prepared and pay to acquire more knowledge for the knowledge they say is power.

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