How to Check JAMB Result Using 55019

JAMB results can easily be checked online, this can be done by simply logging into the Joint Admission Matriculation Board portal. Log on to their portal now at to check your result.

Checking this result though easy, using the online portal, many candidates has encountered a lot of headache checking and at times pays a huge amount in cyber café. How many secondary school students have access to personal internet facilities in Nigeria?

Even those that have access, have difficulty paying phone bills except with the help of a parent. This is why JAMB Registrar, Professor Ishaq announced a new way of getting your JAMB result at almost no cost.


This new method was announced during the UTME/DE 2019 examination. This new method will allow candidates to check their UTME results quickly by just using a code.

Don’t have access to the net? Is accessing the net unfordable for you? We’ve ghat the gospel for you.

This article will guide you through how to check JAMB results using 55019, so you can save some cash and keep some money. Fasten your seat belt, let take a deep dive. 

Important Things to Note


Candidates need to check their JAMB results. This is to be sure if they are qualified for the next stage of higher institution admission exercise, most times Post UTME. The school you can be admitted to and course largely depends on your JAMB performance.

Before we discuss how to check your result using 55019, there are important things to note and be conscious of, so that you won’t have a challenge while checking your result.

Your JAMB result can only be checked through the sim you registered with. Trying to check your result from another sim aside from the sim used during your registration will be a futile endeavor. No matter how hard you try, no result will be sent to your line except it’s registered with another candidate.


Don’t be caught unaware! Checking your JAMB result using 55019 will require a service charge of fifty naira (#50). This charge will be deducted right before sending your result to your line.

How to Check JAMB result using 55019

It’s no longer a piece of News, Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) has decided to allow candidates to check their JAMB results right on their phone by making use of a shortcode. JAMB candidates can now easily check their JAMB performance on their phones without any access to the internet.

Internet though has many advantages has so many proven disadvantages from using it to access JAMB performance grade. Many candidates always have late access and most don’t know their fate until there is no more escape route.

To prevent this, JAMB over time has been creating a more easy way for each candidate to access their result. The easiest of all the methods so far, which you will not want to miss, is getting your JAMB result as a text message right on your phone.

It’s simple! Don’t panic, checking JAMB results using 55019 is what anyone can do, even your 5years sibling can if this procedure is passed across:

  • Make sure you recharge your line and have at least a recharge of fifty naira (#50) on your line. Without this, though your message can go through, it will not be replied to with your result. Most times messages of insufficient funds always pop up to inform you your credit cant foot the bill.
  • Once again, make sure you are following this procedure on the sim card you used while registering for your JAMB examination. JAMB system algorithms only recognize grades by registered line, if you send from Sim card not registered, then the endeavor will produce no result.
  • Simply navigate to your phone message and create a new message.
  • Type ‘RESULT’ in your message. Note it’s written in the capital letter all through.
  • Send the composed message to 55019
  • In a little while, a text of ‘request receiver and under processing’ will be sent to your line. This is always within few minutes, most times instantly. However, in case you don’t receive it instantly, don’t fret, it’s on its way.
  • The service charge of #50 will be deducted from your phone. Moreover, the result will be sent to the line within few minutes. In case of not having enough credit, a message stating ‘Insufficient Balance’ will be delivered.

With this, you have checked your jamb result successfully, and if you are lucky to have over the cut-off of your desired school, you can start preparing for your post UTME without wasting time.

In case this method above is being delayed, you can also try another method though very similar to the above.

Follow the above steps religiously but this time around, instead of typing just ‘RESULT’ under your composed message. Type ‘RESULT’ followed by Surname, first name, and middle name you register JAMB with and send to 55019.

A lot of patience will be needed especially when trying to check results some days after releasing the result generally. The reason is not far-fetched, many candidates will also be anxious to check there, meaning multiple people sending at a time.

Depending on the traffic at the moment, the candidate is not guaranteed of getting the result immediately, but a little patience will go a long way in sorting things out. 

Wrapping things up

As much as checking your JAMB result using a shortcode is easy and accessible to everyone, it’s only useful for an emergency.

The result on phones cannot be tender to any organization or for anything, this means candidates are only provided a faster way of accessing their score but the result must still be accessed on the JAMB portal to get the complete breakdown and print option in an acceptable format.

Doing this is also very simple, and this time at your convenience since you are not in the haste of knowing your result.

Simply log on to the JAMB portal with a computer that has access to a printer, navigate to check the result, check your result and print the slip out. A copy can also be downloaded and kept on your phone in case it’s needed urgently at any point in time and you don’t have any copy left on you.

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