How Long Does JAMB Result Take to Come Out

It is only natural my friends that after writing an exams you are eager and anxious to know what your score is and check if your hard work and sacrifices really paid off.

Hey there, no need to worry a lot, J.A.M.B has had a tradition of bringing its results out three days after the examinations is been written, this has been the pattern in this era of CBT you won’t have to wait for long days let’s say  2-3 weeks again to know what you have as Jamb score. CBT exams in my opinion is the best in our fast changing world  as it is fast and capital effective for all parties. Relax and have fun you will see your results after 3 days of writing and if after the three days your result have not been sent , still wait for in few days your results will be made available to you.

There is a Disclaimer to this as I may not be exact owning to the fact that I am not jamb, I am only making a guess based on previous jamb exams so if the pattern changes this time around don’t call for my head, lol.


Jamb has its unique way of doing things and it is quite different from other exams in methods and approach, Other CBT exams shows the candidates performance few minutes after the exams but J.A.M.B for its own reason will send your results to you in 3 day after computing it for about 2 days

The only way your scores will not reach you is when your examination centre was marked by jamb as a malpractice zone or again that you didn’t submit your exams after the exam and in another scenario if the day’s examination was cancelled for reasons best known to Jamb.

As at 2015 and 2017 exam results was released a day (24hours) after the exams was written this caused rancor and confusion as it was heavily criticized that it disturbed other candidates who were still writing theirs psychologically.

In some cases as it was done in 2019, J.A.M.B waited till all candidates finished their schedule, so the first batch of candidates who received had to wait for everyone to finish and it translated into two weeks.


If anyone comes to tell you of the duration J.A.M.B  exams result will take before it is released  and the person is not J.A.M.B know this person lies, I am only giving you a suggestion of 3 days because this wass the last adopted duration and this has what J.A.M.B has repeated frequently.

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