How to Answer JAMB Questions Using Computer

Are you scared that you might fail your first JAMB exam because you don’t know how to operate the computer?

You are in the right place to know all that it takes to answer your JAMB questions using a computer.

You don’t need to be a computer pro before you can have a good score in your JAMB examination. You don’t need to have a low mindset of higher than your equals all because you don’t have access to the computer right from your childhood.

Many candidates even take out of their precious time which they should have been used in preparing for their JAMB exam to start computer training all because they want to write the JAMB exam.

Why don’t you save yourself from all those stress and sit back to know the tricks to use your computer?

You don’t need to start computer training today because you want to do 2 hours examination. The simple trick is right there in you knowing the letter A – Z.

What do you consider that?

You can have all you want just by paying attention to details. Sit down and let’s dive into the well of knowledge and fill up the bowel to the brim.

The Computer Based Test (CBT)

The first thing you must remind yourself as a JAMB exam candidate is the fact JAMB exam is strictly Computer Based Test which is otherwise called CBT.

JAMB exam is currently Computer Based Test and this implies that all the knowledge of the candidates will be tested through the computer. Any question that will be answered by the candidate must relatively be done through the computer. That is why knowing is essential.

Wait! You don’t need to panic because you’ve not passed through computer training.

Knowing computers is essential but that doesn’t mean you have to go for computer training before you can answer your questions on the computer during your JAMB exam.

Can you answer your JAMB questions without computer training?

Yes, you can answer and write your JAMB conveniently without having any computer training. You can do yourself a lot of good to use the time for computer training to get prepared for the JAMB exam.

JAMB exam is computer-based and to answer your questions, you will need to use the computer.

To save yourself the tension, all you need to know concerning your computer-based test is right there on the computer. There are majorly two ways to answers your JAMB questions; you can either use the computer keyboard or the computer mouse.

Using Keyboard to answer your JAMB questions

The computer is made up of many components which keyboard also happens to be part of the input unit of a computer.

You don’t need to know much about the keyboard, all you need is 9 keys that can save the day.

You can perform all you need to do with just 9 keys when writing your JAMB exam and it will save the whole day with a lot of speed.

Just before you get started with the keys, you need to know that the keyboard is that part of the computer that contains symbols, alphabets, numbers, and other special keys. But what you just need to know is just 9 keys from the letter A – Z.

The 9 keys are, A, B, C, D, N, P, S, R, and Y.

The 9 keys have their specific representations which represent some functions in the JAMB CBT. All you have to do to make these keys work is to press them on the keyboard. They will only function by pressing.

The functions of the keys are as follow:

–         A – This key is used to pick or select from the options given. You will be given 4 different options in your JAMB questions, press A on your keyboard if your answer to the question is A and your answer will automatically reflect on the computer desktop.

–         – This stands for option B. You can also press B to change the answer peradventure you’ve pressed selected AC, or D before. Same for other options.

–         – This stands for option C.

–         – This stands for option D.

–         N – This key is used to navigate from a question to the next question. After selecting your option for a question, all you do is press N so that you can navigate to the next question.

–         P – This key functions to go back to the previous page. You can easily navigate to an omitted question by pressing P. You can also do a cross-check on your answers by using P.

–         S – This stands for submitting. When you are through with your exam, all you need to do is to press S on your keyboard to submit it for grading. Do not leave the page without submitting, make sure to submit your work so that you can be grade.

–         – This stands for return or to reverse your submission option. You need not panic if you mistakenly press S to submit, all you need to do is to press R to return to the questions.

–         – This stands for yes to confirm that you want to submit your exam for grading. Press Y only if you are sure that you’ve completed your exam and the time is not against you.

Using Mouse to answer your JAMB questions

The mouse is also one of the input devices of the computer. You don’t know what the mouse looks like? No need to worry because it looks just the way the name implies, just like a mouse.

It is the device that looks like a rat and it controls the cursor that always moves on the screen of the computer. To use the mouse in answering your JAMB questions, all you need to know is how to select using the mouse and to move the cursor.

How do you go about it?

– Select any of the options by moving the cursor to the option and left-click on the small circle behind the option.

– Left-click on the NEXT button to move to the next question by moving the cursor towards it. You can also left-click on the PREVIOUS button to go back to the previous questions.

– Left-click on SUBMIT EXAM to select it after you’ve answered the four subjects.

– Make sure to left-click on the YES button to confirm your submission or you can left-click on NO to return to the questions.

The best option for you is the keyboard because it is fast and very simple to use.

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