How to Score 300 in JAMB

The Joint matriculation board examination is an important and technical exam that needs a lot of preparation. Most people end up not passing or not getting their desired score because they were not properly guided on how to prepare for the exam or maybe they didn’t even prepare at all.

Having above 300+ in jamb is such an extraordinary performance but looks out of this world to many jamb aspirants because many don’t know the little secrets behind such outcomes. This article is to reveal those secrets so that whosoever is willing to pass excellently in the forthcoming UTME examination.

To start with, I want you to discard the notion of things happening by luck. Regarding this jamb examination, nothing happens by chance. The only way to having a good result is by adequately planning and preparing for the exam.


The goal of this article is not to show you where you can buy a cheat or a magic pen that will write the exam for you, no. the goal is to guide you to discover the genius in you, through a proper guideline on how you can prepare better to maximize all that

you have got.


  • Set a goal: 

the first thing to do in scoring 300 in the jamb exam is to set a goal. What sets a goal does for you is that it gives you a focus and tends to make you more disciplined towards achieving what you want. This would now lead you to how to plan to achieve this goal.

  • Have a plan: even our ancestors understand that before they start a new plantation, they must have a solid plan on how to till the soil, what system of farming they want to use, e.t.c threes a lot to learn from that.

First, you must develop a solid plan for yourself on how to start and finish the JAMB exam with getting a 300 as the result. The very step in this plan is to know with certainty the four subjects combination you will be writing in the jamb exam for your chosen university program ahead.

Many students prepare for some subjects in jamb only to see a different subject combination in the exam hall. The best way to avoid this is by having a plan ahead.

  • Create a personal timetable:  the importance of having your study cannot be over-emphasized. Some people come from a background where having a personal reading plan is not important. Generally, it is not so bad but for you that want to score 300+ in your exam, you have to plan your study time.

You should create a personal study timetable based on your free periods. Now also note that drafting a timetable alone won’t do anything, but developing the required discipline to follow the timetable is required. Therefore, you must make yourself available for study according to the times that you have on your timetable.

  • Make use of the jamb syllabus:  this is where many candidates miss it and this is why they perform below n their expectations. Many are not even aware that there is any such thing as a jamb syllabus in all subjects. Therefore, they just buy the JAMB form, tidy up their registration, start reading, and will most likely read amiss.

 Please note that jamb provides the syllabus for all the subjects that they test their candidates on and it is assuring that they do not go beyond their syllabus. The syllabus is a perfect tool to guide you and help you navigate while reading, don’t study without it. This will save you time and assure you that you are truly ready for the examination.

  • Make use of textbooks recommended by jamb: JAMB in their wisdom and based on the coverage of their syllabus, recommends textbooks to enable their study to have a wide scope of the required information or knowledge to excel in the UTME exam.

So it’s not wise for any serious candidate who has a goal of scoring 300 in a jamb not to make use of these textbooks. You can find these textbooks at the very end of the syllabus for each subject. 

  • Study past questions: To be very honest, there are no new questions out there. Jamb just like WAEC only makes use of past questions, which are randomly selected. The best way to have a good grasp on the type of questions that they can ask on your four subject combinations is to get the complete past questions on these subjects.  

It is very important to study these past questions as much as you can because past questions will reveal your weak points and your places of strength. You should exhaust each past question If possible. Although it might look like a difficult task, ensure that you take out time to study the past questions and do the necessary tests to know how ready you are

Another thing to note is that you should have an exercise book beside you as you study the past questions just in case you want to jot down some things.  

  • Have a study group: the importance of having a study group of like-minded people is very important. if you want to score 300 in a jamb you must surround yourself with people like yourself, in each of your study sessions create a time where you all ask yourselves random questions and attempt to answer the questions. 

Answers to these questions will pop up from members of the group and the answers might turn out to lifesavers in the months to come for the exam. 

  • Attend UTME coaching: there is so much to learn from those who are more experienced than you are. With such people there are certain mistakes you are shielded from and there are instructions, in-outs, and advice you will receive from them and everything will turn around for the better. 

By going for coaching you will get better results, increased admission chances, and meet other candidates of like passion who may eventually be your study partners.

  • Get CBT training: given the fact that JAMB these days is entirely computer-based, if you don’t know computers, then you are already disadvantaged. Hence as a matter of urgency, you should immediately apply for CBT training in any reputable computer school in your neighborhood. This way, the environment of the CBT exam on the jamb day will not be new or strange to you.  
  • The God factor: this is the most important thing on the list of how to score 300 in a jamb. The cheat is to pray like you haven’t read and read like you haven’t prayed. You should pray about this as your life depends on it which is very true.

Pray and ask God to bring to your remembrance all that you have read and prepared for. Trust me when I say he will surely be there for you on that day to guide and direct you.  

So that’s all on how to score 300 in a jamb. I’m well assured that if you can do everything that is listed above you will surely hit your goal. I wish you success ahead.

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