UF Knight Division Scholarship 2024 Application – How To Apply

About: The Knight Division processes and awards undergraduate scholarships for the College of Journalism and Communications. We award over $400,000 per school year to eligible students. All of our scholarships are privately funded and restricted to degree-seeking students with a primary major within our college.ScholarshipBoard

Host Institution: University of Florida

Level of Study: The scholarship is open to degree-seeking students

Field of Study

Current undergraduate students within the College of Journalism and Communications with expenses for internships that are outside of Gainesville and the student’s hometown.

Number of Scholarship: Not specified

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Target Group

The scholarship is open to all current and incoming University of Florida students enrolling in the College of Journalism and Communications during the 2024/25 school year.

Scholarship Value & Inclusions

The UF Knight Division Scholarship value varies depending on the individual student’s financial need. However, the scholarship is typically worth several thousand dollars per year. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study, as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA and remains enrolled in a degree program at the College of Journalism and Communications.

In addition to the financial award, the UF Knight Division Scholarship also includes a number of other benefits, such as:

  • Priority registration for courses
  • Access to exclusive scholarship events and networking opportunities
  • Mentorship from UF Knight Division faculty and staff
  • Funding for study abroad and research experiences

Acceptance rate: Not specified

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Eligibility and Other Details

This scholarship is open to University of Florida students enrolled in the College of Journalism and Communications, who demonstrate financial need and are citizens of an eligible country as listed on the LAC website.UF Knight Division Scholarship

To be eligible for the UF Knight Division Scholarship, applicants must meet specific criteria and fulfill essential requirements. While these requirements may evolve from year to year, here are some common eligibility criteria:

  1. Academic Excellence: Applicants should demonstrate outstanding academic performance in their current academic program, often by maintaining a competitive grade point average (GPA).
  2. Field of Study: Eligible fields of study can vary, but they typically include a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the University of Florida. Applicants should be pursuing degrees in these approved fields.
  3. Letters of Recommendation: Applicants may be asked to submit letters of recommendation from faculty members, mentors, or individuals who can attest to their academic excellence and potential.
  4. Essay or Personal Statement: Candidates may need to provide an essay or personal statement outlining their academic and career goals, as well as their passion for their chosen field of study.
  5. Transcripts: A copy of the applicant’s academic transcripts is typically required to verify their academic achievements.
  6. Application Form: Applicants must complete and submit the scholarship application form, ensuring that all required information and documentation are accurately provided.

Since eligibility criteria and requirements can change, it’s essential for applicants to visit the official UF Knight Division Scholarship website for the most current information and guidelines.

Application Portal: Interested applicants should visit the scholarship’s official website

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply

Applying for the UF Knight Division Scholarship requires a systematic approach. Here’s a general step-by-step guide:

  1. Review Eligibility: Visit the official UF Knight Division Scholarship website to review the eligibility criteria for the 2024/2025 application cycle.
  2. Prepare Documentation: Gather all necessary documents, including academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays, or personal statements.
  3. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the scholarship application form provided on the official website. Ensure that all required information is accurately entered.
  4. Submit Your Application: Submit your completed application and all supporting documents by the specified deadline. Missing or late submissions may not be considered.
  5. Monitor Application Status: Keep track of your application’s status through the scholarship portal or communication channels provided by the Knight Division.
  6. Await Notification: After the application deadline, the selection committee will review all submissions. Successful applicants will be notified of their award.
  7. Accept the Scholarship: If you are chosen as a recipient, follow the instructions provided in the notification to accept the scholarship and any accompanying benefits.

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Contacts: Email Address/Phone number; webadmin@jou.ufl.edu,

Dean’s Office: 352-392-0466
Academic Advising: 352-392-1124
Graduate Division: 352-392-6557
Advertising: 352-392-4046
Journalism: 352-392-0500


The deadline date for the application is February 10, 2024

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