Top 20 Full-Tuition Scholarships For Women In USA

For women, finding the right scholarship program that covers full tuition and offers other benefits is a herculean task. This is because there are many scholarships out there with different requirements and awards.

Women can get scholarships when they meet the requirements set by the sponsors and apply correctly and timely too. Since most scholarship for women is annual, it is important to select the scholarship that best suits the career goals of the applicant.ScholarshipBoard

Top 20 Full-Tuition Scholarships For Women In the USA

Here are the top 20 full-tuition scholarships for women in the USA:

1. Dorothy Marcus Senesh Fellowship

Kennesaw University offers the Dorothy Marcus Senesh scholarship. It is an American scholarship offered to women from developing countries. The scholarship was instituted by Dorothy Marcus Senesh, a global rights activist. $5000 is offered to selected applicants who meet the requirements set by the University of Georgia.

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2. Margareth McNamara Memorial Scholarship for women

The Margareth McNamara Memorial Scholarship was established to support women in the pursuit of their goals. Applicants must be willing to pursue their degree and academic dreams in the United States of America. The scholarship does not cover all aspects of funding.

3. Anita Borg Memorial Awards by Google

Women who are doing their bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs in America can apply for the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship to support their academic pursuits. It involves an offer of $10,000 to cover tuition and other academic expenses.

4. Science Ambassador Scholarship

Women have a chance to earn a full-tuition scholarship in the STEM fields through the Science Ambassador Scholarship. Funding for this scholarship is provided by Cards Against Humanity and it is an equal opportunity scholarship.

5. Amelia Earhart scholarship

The Amelia Earhart scholarship is worth $10,000. It was established in honor of Amelia Earhart, a famous pilot. Women who are building an academic career in aerospace research and space science have the opportunity to actualize their dreams in Doctoral degree programs through this scholarship.

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6. Schlumberger Foundation scholarship

Women in the United States can apply for the Schlumberger Foundation scholarship to support their advanced research in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is organized by the Schlumberger Foundation scholarship for women that are from emerging economies

7. L’Oreal USA Award for women in science

Women in science can get as much as $60,000 to support their post-doctoral research program in the field of science through the Loreal USA Award scholarship for women in science. Five women will be selected for the award.

8. PEO Scholarship

The PEO Scholarship is open for women who are studying in the United States of America or Canada. This is a great opportunity for women studying in the USA to actualize their academic dreams. It is an International Peace scholarship that is offered annually to deserving women, Also, the scholarship is worth $12,500 and it is offered based on the needs of the beneficiary so it can become higher than the stated price.

9. Margaret McNamara Education Grant

Women who are 25 years and above who are USA students can apply for the scholarship that seeks to support women who are involved in improving the lives of women and children in low-income countries. The scholarship will support their studies.

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10. Zonta International

Zonta International scholarship will enable women to achieve respect for their rights, dignity, and professional status because of the financial support it offers through Scholarships. It is an annual scholarship studying business management courses at undergraduate or Master’s degree levels. Application is open to women that are part of the Zonta club and they will obtain a scholarship that is worth US$2,000.TOP 20 FULL-TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS FOR WOMEN IN USA

11. Women Techmakers Scholars Program

The Women Techmakers Scholars Program is a Google-inspired scholarship program for women who are in computer science and technology fields. It is open to both graduates and undergraduate students. Successful applicants will get a scholarship which is worth US$10,000. There will be an assessment for applicants based on their leadership capacities and academic background. There are provisions for workshops, retreats, and other programs of Google for successful applicants.

12. American Association of University Women (AAUW)

There are no fewer than seven different grants and fellowship opportunities for applicants of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) There is a specific one known as the American Fellowships for women scholarships who are US citizens.

13. SWE Scholarship Program

Women from the Society of Women Engineers can have a scholarship awarded to them through the SWE Scholarship program for women in the field of Engineering to encourage more women.

14. Southern Automotive Women’s Forum Scholarship

The Southern Automotive Women’s Forum Scholarship is open for women in STEM-related degree programs who want to build a career in the automotive industry after completion of their studies and graduation. It is for US citizens from the southern states.

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15. Ann Liguori Foundation Sports Media Scholarship

To promote the study of sports media communications and careers in the field, the Ann Liguori Foundation Sports Media Scholarship was established with that mandate. Women in the field of sports broadcasting, programming, reporting, or production can take advantage of this scholarship to promote their careers.

16. The Alumna Scholarship

Beneficiaries of previous scholarships who excelled in their academic disciplines stand a chance to be awarded the Alumna scholarship. They are also expected to be very much involved in the activities of the NYWICI. Academic excellence is a key requirement for this scholarship.

17. Cottey College FineArt Scholarship

Women who show a considerably high academic performance can be awarded the Cottey College Fine Art Scholarship. The award is provided by Cottey College for US undergraduate students. Also, the first 10 applicants per year stand a chance to benefit from this scholarship. While Music Majors will get $4500 from the scholarship yearly, non-music majors will get $2000.

18. Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

Women can get between $2000 and $8,000 in scholarships to pursue a degree in business management. The women in business scholarships are for undergraduate and Master’s degree levels to enable women to get over the gender barrier in such fields. It targets women who are already specialized in Economics, Accounting, Finance, business management, marketing, human resource management, international business or entrepreneurship, and operations management. Membership of the Zonta club is essential for successful application.

19. AWAM Scholarships

Women who are interested in the field of Aviation can be supported by this AWAM scholarship. The scholarship began in 2002, offering women the chance to get skilled in diverse areas of the Aviation industry.

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20. BHW Women in STEM Academic Scholarship

Women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) can apply for this scholarship to receive support. Women who are seeking their undergraduate or Master’s degree in STEM fields can be awarded $3000 to support their education. Applicants for this scholarship are required to follow a formal application procedure.


The journey to secure scholarships that cover full tuition and offer additional benefits can be a daunting challenge, especially for women. The vast array of available scholarships comes with different requirements and award structures, making it crucial for applicants to carefully select the most fitting opportunities for their academic and career aspirations. The top 20 full-tuition scholarships for women in the USA presented in this list exemplify the diverse range of options available to female students. These scholarships not only alleviate the financial burdens associated with pursuing higher education but also empower women to excel in various fields and industries. By seizing these opportunities and meeting the respective eligibility criteria, women can break barriers, achieve their goals, and become leaders in their respective fields.

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