Marshall Scholarship Application 2022/2023 –

Marshall Scholarship Application -

Marshall Scholarship Application 2022/2023 – Apply for the ongoing Marshall Scholarship 2022/2023. See the requirements, acceptance rate, deadline and other how to apply here.

About Marshall Scholarships

The Marshall Scholarships is an academic financial aid that is awarded to young American degree students to further their studies in any higher institution in the United Kingdom. One of the major aims of the Marshall Scholarship program is to solidify the already existing relationship between the American and British people, their institutions and government.

This scholarship program aims at enabling young citizens of the United States who are intellectually distinguished to further their education in the United Kingdom. The Marshall Scholarship also aims to contribute to the knowledge of science, creative arts, technology, and the humanities and social sciences advancements at centres of academic excellence in Britain.

The program also seeks to motivate American students to act as USA ambassadors to the United Kingdom and vice versa thereby strengthening the UK/US understanding.

Marshall Scholarship History

The Marshall Scholarship was founded as a living gift to the United States in 1953, to recognize the generosity of Marshall Plan and George C. Marshal (Secretary of State). The scholarship was solely created to strengthen the special relationship that exists between the United States and the United Kingdom.

This special postgraduate scholarship award is mainly funded by the government of Britain.

Marshall Scholarship Requirements

The selection of winners for the Marshal Scholarship is purely based on three weighted categories namely; Academic Merit, Ambassadorial Potential, and Leadership Potential.

Below are the eligibility requirements for the Marshall Scholarship

  • Interested candidates must be United States citizens at the time of scholarship application.
  • Candidates must hold their first undergraduate degree which must have been earned from an accredited 4-year United States university or college.
  • Interested candidates must have obtained a minimum undergraduate degree grade point average of 3.7 as at the time of scholarship application. Rounded GPA’s are not accepted.
  • Candidates must have graduated and earned their first degree after April 2019.
  • Interested candidates must have not studied, hold a degree or equivalent qualification from a University in the United Kingdom or GCSE or A-Levels at any institution in the United Kingdom.

Host Institution:

Prospective candidates for the Marshall Scholarship must be endorsed by the institutions to apply. After this, the process of selection will be coordinated through the 8 British embassy/consulate regions in America.

British universities and colleges like London School of Economics, University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University College London, and King’s College London, have been mostly preferred in recent years.

Level/Field of Study:

The Marshall Scholarship is for scholars who are making plans to pursue their postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom.

There are some degrees that are not funded by the Marshall Scholarship. The Marshall Scholarship does not fund degrees that are in length of 15 months or 28 months. All degrees that take 5 years to complete. See a complete list of the degrees that are not funded by the Marshall Scholarship here; Second BA/BSc (undergraduate) Degrees, MBA (any university), MPhil Development Studies (University of Oxford), MSc/MFE Financial Economics (any university), MSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology (University of Oxford), MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine (University of Oxford), MSc Law and Finance (University of Oxford), and MPP (Public Policy) (University of Oxford).

Number of Awards: Up to 50 Scholars every year. The Marshall Scholarship is of two categories; One Year Marshall Scholarship and Two Year Marshall Scholarship. About 2,138 scholarships has been awarded to scholars between 1954 to 2021.

Target Group: 

Open to graduate students who are citizens of the United States. Like we have stated above, applicants must be citizens of the United States at the time of applying for the scholarship.

Marshall Scholarship amount

This is a full-ride scholarship. The Marshall Scholarship covers university fees, annual book grants, cost of living expenses, daily travel grants, research grants, thesis grants, and fares to and from America.

The scholarship sometimes also contributes to supporting a dependent spouse of the scholarship recipient.

Marshall Scholarship Application Portal

The application for the Marshall Scholarship is done through the scholarship application portal. The official link for the Marshall Scholarship Application Portal is


How To Apply For the Marshall Scholarship

Interested applicants should fill the form and submit same to the institutions they obtained their first degrees from, the institutions will now complete the applicant and also decide whether to endorse the candidate or not.

If the institution endorses the application, they will have to send an endorsement letter along with the application and submit it to the appropriate regional committee through the system.

Candidates are only allowed to apply for any of the two scholarships, that is either one-year scholarship or a two-year scholarship. A candidate will be automatically disqualified if he or she is found applying for both scholarships.

A candidate is also allowed to apply in only one region, that is either his or her permanent home address, residence/employment, or where he or she is studying. A candidate will be automatically disqualified if he or she is found applying in more than one region.

Candidates must submit their applications on or before 5pm in their endorsing institution time zone on 28th September.

Marshall Scholarship Login

To login to the Marshal Scholarship, you need to visit the official website of the Marshall Scholarship Application Portal which is and provide your login details.


Marshall Scholarship Deadline

The application for the Marshall Scholarship 2022 competition has closed, the Marshall Scholarship competition 2023 will be open in early June 2022.

Marshall Scholarship Acceptance Rate

The Marshall Scholarship acceptance rate is around 4%. This shows that the scholarship award is very competitive and selective.

Contact email address:

Past Winners

The 2021 Marshall Scholarship Winners were chosen by the 8 regional committees.

Below are some of the past winners.

  • Keerthana Annamaneni – Yale University
  • Colton Botta – North Carolina State University
  • Elise Campbell – University of Tennessee – Knoxville
  • Annah Chollet – University of Pennsylvania
  • Cullen Chosy – Stanford University
  • Patrick Clinch – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  • Katherine Collins – MIT
  • Daniel Dominguez – Colorado State University
  • Isaiah Fleming-Klink – Georgetown University
  • Madeline Fox – University of Pittsburgh
  • Kendall Gardner – Tulane University
  • Kiara Gilbert – Princeton University
  • Max Hammer – University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  • A’dryanna Jenkins – Pennsylvania State University
  • Humza Jilani – Harvard University
  • Malak Kudaimi – University of California – Irvine
  • Anna Landre – Georgetown University
  • Jorge Ledesma – Harvard University
  • Essence Lotus – New York University

See the full list here.

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