Hagan Scholarship 2021/2022 Application Form Portal – haganscholarships.org

Hagan Scholarship Application Form Portal - haganscholarships.org

Hagan Scholarship 2021/2022 Application Form Portal – haganscholarships.org. Are you a student in a Public High school in the US? If yes, apply for the ongoing Hagan Scholarship 2021. See the eligible schools, scholarship value and how to apply. The application form is now available on the Hagan Scholarship portal – haganscholarships.org.

About Hagan Scholarship

The Hagan Scholarship is a nationwide need-based merit scholarship designed to help rural students graduate college debt-free. The scholarship provides up to $48,000 over four years to attend college and other benefits.

Scholarship Value

1. Hagan Scholarship amount Up to $48,000
2. Study Abroad Up to $8,000

3. Investment Account Earnings Up to $10,000

4. Personal Brokerage Account $2,000

Number of Awards

Over 2,400 scholarships have been awarded to date. Over six hundred more scholarships can be awarded in April 2022

Hagan Scholarship Requirements

  1. Eligibility Requirements
  2. Must be a citizen of the United States.
  3. Must attend an eligible public high school. Over 6,300 eligible public high schools are listed on the
  4. Must have a 3.75 cumulative grade point average.
  5. Must enroll at an eligible fouryear college or university the first semester following high school graduation. Over 1,400 eligible colleges and universities are listed on the HSF website.
  6. Must provide the FAFSA SAR showing the EFC. Must be Pell Grant eligible.
  7. Must apply for Federal and State grants, if eligible.
  8. Must not have been convicted of a felony.

Hagan Scholarship Eligible Schools

Recipients must graduate from one of over 6,300 eligible public high schools. Hagan Scholars from 43 states currently attend 378 colleges and universities. The award of a Hagan Scholarship has been life-changing for many recipients. Over six hundred more scholarships can be awarded in April 2022.

Hagan Scholarship Responsibilities

The Purpose of the Hagan Scholarship is to provide each recipient with the opportunity to obtain a fouryear college education and graduate debtfree. The Workshops, Investment Accounts and Study Abroad provide recipients with a practical understanding of important life skills not typically covered in the school curriculum.

1. Must graduate college within four years.
2. Must achieve a 3.00 GPA each semester and maintain a 3.25 CGPA.

3. Must earn fourteen credit hours each fall semester.

4. Must earn thirty credit hours each academic year, excluding summer school.

5. Must fulfill ALL Recipient Responsibilities.

Hagan Scholarship Application Form

As of the time of writing this article, the Hagan Scholarship application is ongoing. Applicants must attend an eligible public high school.
Applicants must create a UN and PW to access the Application.
Over six hundred more scholarships can be awarded in April 2022.

How to Apply

Things you will need:

  • Application Form
  • Driver’s License
  • Essay
  • Financial Need Analysis
  • Personal Photograph
  • Transcript


Mr. Dan Hagan


PO Box 1225
Columbia, MO 65205

Email: scholarships@hsfmo.org

Hagan Scholarship Application Timeline

1. Application available  1, 2021.
2. Application Deadline December 1, 2021.
3. Applications reviewed for compliance and eligibility. 
4. Finalists provide supplemental information January 2022.
5. Finalist information read, evaluated and ranked.
6. Scholarships awarded April 2022.
7. All Finalists notified of their status.

Hagan Scholarship Deadline

Hagan Scholarship Application Deadline is December 1, 2021

Official Scholarship Website: https://haganscholarships.org/

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