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This post offers a complete review of to students who are interested in applying for scholarships in the United States. Readers will get to read what the website offers, features, scholarship coverage, as well as it’s benefits.

If you are a student that has been searching online for a reliable platform that you can get legitimate scholarships for studies in the United States of America, this post will give you every important information you need regarding the Scholarshipowl website and the many features that abound in the website.

There are a few questions we will answer regarding website. These questions were asked online by people who were searching for legitimate scholarships.

  • Is ScholarshipOwl com legit?
  • Is ScholarshipOwl worth the money?
  • Do you have to pay for ScholarshipOwl?
  • How do I get a refund from Scholarshipowl?

We are sure that after answering these questions and with the information we have provided below,  you will decide if website is suitable for you or not.

Now, let us first tell you about Scholarshipowl and what the platform is all about.

What is Scholarshipowl?

With the incessant rise in the cost of education in the United States, several students have continued to search for ways they can get scholarship awards and grants to assist them in financing their educational cost in the U.S., this is why websites like were created.

The website is one of the most popular websites that connects students with companies and organizations that offer legitimate scholarships to both students who are citizens of the United States and international students.


Scholarshipowl helps students by dramatically speeding up the scholarship application time by matching scholarship opportunities with students based on their grades, personality, lifestyle, etc.

The website provides student with list of entities and governmental bodies that are offering scholarships to students. In other words, this website saves students the stress  of manually searching for scholarships online. website ensures that students spend less time searching for suitable scholarships online, they also provide scholarship search results that are relevant to the student and this increases the chances of students in getting scholarships.

Advertisements Features

The Scholarshipowl website has lots  of useful features, you can simply check for scholarships by providing your date of birth, gender, current school level and your field of study. This feature is the first option you see when you visit the website.

The website shows personalized scholarships that are relevant to the interested candidate’s field of student. Students can also see credibility scores of scholarships so as to make their choices.

The Scholarshipowl website also makes it possible for students to apply for scholarships directly in the website without being redirected to another website.

Additionally, Scholarshipowl website uses Artificial Intelligence to generate scholarships recommendations that are tailored just for the student, these recommendations are based on the student’s habits and profile.

There are options on Scholarshipowl for students to mark scholarships as favourite, likes, and also hide the ones they do not like.

Students are also able to track the status of their applications in real-time, the website also allows students to automatically apply for scholarships that are recurring. website offers free and paid services, the premium service has a full range of services. Their pricing is based on the services range and total scholarships that a student wishes to access.

Introductory services are offered free of charge in Scholarship Coverage

Like we stated earlier, the website offers scholarships to both citizens of the United States as well as international students as long as they are legally studying in Canada or the U.S.

The website also offers a program called ‘You Deserve It Scholarship’,  they conduct a random draw every month on their website and award the sum of $1,000 to a student.

Scholarships available in are for almost every category of student, whether high school, college, or university.

Is ScholarshipOwl com legit?

The is one of the legitimate and most trusted scholarship application website that offers students real and genuine scholarships offered by organizations. The website has free and paid services, they are also help students to go through the scholarship application process with ease.

The website also ensure the safety of students by making sure that scholarship applications are done in the website without students being redirected to another website.

Is ScholarshipOwl worth the money?

Going by our assessment and the testimonies we have gotten from past beneficiaries, we can say that the ScholarshipOwl website is worth the money spent to procure their services. They are one of the best scholarships research and application platforms in the United States and they are highly efficient.

How do I get a refund from Scholarshipowl?

According to their terms and conditions, all payments made to Scholarshipowl are non-refundable. However, there are cases where they will be obliged to make a refund as long as the customer has not accessed or used the service in the applicable billing cycle. To request for a refund, send a mail to or call their customer service at 800-494-4908.

Do you have to pay for ScholarshipOwl?

While there is a paid service rendered in, it is not a must that you pay for their services. You can access scholarship matches without making any payments. The paid service is only a matter of choice and not a necessity. Benefits

The benefits of using the website are enormous and it provides ultimate solutions to students who desire to get scholarships in the United States.

As a scholarshipOwl user, you get access to myriad scholarships and most important, you get the benefit of being guided through the entire scholarship application process.

The premium services gives students an automatic access to personal account managers that will help them to understand the various scholarship application requirements.

As a user, students also stand a chance of winning $1,000 per month in ScholarshipOwl’s monthly award program known as ‘You Deserve It Scholarship’.

Premium users also get the benefit of having their applications automatically submitted in a recurring scholarship program.

We hope that you have found the above information we have given about website useful.

ScholarshipOwl Official Website

If you have decided to visit the ScholarshipOwl website, then here is the link official website:

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