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Are an NYSC Corps Member who want to access the NYSC login dashboard but don’t know how? Someone who wants to start the NYSC registration process or perhaps, you’re a researcher who needs some details about the NYSC login dashboard 2021?

We’ve got good news for you as we will be revealing on this page all you need to know about NYSC login portal, featuring most actions you can perform on the dashboard, how to access the NYSC dashboard portal and lastly, some answers to NYSC frequent asked questions. Surely after reading our piece on this page, you should limit the rate at which you search for some NYSC queries on Google and/or other search engines.

The Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC): All you should know


The Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a program set up by the Nigerian Government in the year 1973 with the aim of involving youth into national development project, reconciliation, reconstruction, rebuilding of the nation and to encourage unionism/peace throughout the country Nigeria. The program was created under supervision Gen. Yakubu Gowon after the end of the Civil war which lasted for 3 years.

Things you can do on NYSC Login Portal/NYSC Dashboard

There are quite numerous number of things you as a corp member can do directly on the NYSC official website or login portal. Some of which include;

NYSC Registration


One of the first and basic action you can perform the official NYSC portal is the registration for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program.

NYSC member Login

Just as any website with a registration field has a login page, the NYSC portal also has a one-time sign-in page whereby registered corp members can use to sign in to their various NYSC dashboards.


Certificate verification

Verification of certificates can be done directly on the NYSC dashboard. Though, this is not really compulsory for all; you should do this if your institution is a new one or if you are not sure if your institution is wholly accredited.

“Call up Letter” printing

NYSC Call up letter is an official document showing your state/place of posting, day for camp visitation and other viable information you will need as a new NYSC corps member. The printing of this official document can be easily processed directly on the NYSC portal or NYSC login dashboard.

Access foreign P.C.M requirements

This is exclusive for Nigerian graduates from accredited foreign institutes. These Nigerian graduates can access wholly PCM details directly on the NYSC login dashboard or portal.

Checkout Accredited institutions/programs

Checking of accredited institutions and programs can be easily done directly on the official NYSC login dashboard. Checking this will help you identify if your institution is fully accredited

View graduation list

The NYSC graduation list can be effectively checked directly on the NYSC login dashboard.

View senate list

It is very important to check your name on the Senate list before you even start your registration.

Payment Guideline and/or Perform payment services

You can read all NYSC payment guidelines and instructions directly on the NYSC login dashboard as this will sure save you in terms of wrongful payments. Generating and also payment of NYSC services can be done directly on the NYSC portal.

Read Biometric instructions

Sure you know biometrics before now. Even at that basic knowledge, you just won’t want to skip reading the biometric instructions on the NYSC portal because there are some basic requirements that you must meet up to.

How to Access/Login to your NYSC Dashboard

Now to one of the most important section on this post “How to login to NYSC dashboard”. To successfully login to your NYSC dashboard as a members of the NYSC, all you need to do is follow guidelines that will be provided below;

  • Pick your device with internet access on it
  • Type in this web address
  • From the front page, click on “Login Here” option
  • Input login details “email address” and “password”
  • Click on “Resume” to continue to your NYSC dashboard profile
  • You should have a front view of your NYSC profile displayed on your screen in credentials entered earlier are correct.

Added Important Information for all NYSC Corp Members

  • It is advisable that all corps members visit their NYSC portal daily so as not to miss out any important information.
  • Don’t hesitate checking NYSC Call-up letter and also mobilization list while accessing the NYSC portal.

NYSC Dashboard Frequent Asked Questions

Do I need to visit Cyber Café to access or sign into my NYSC dashboard?

Not really a necessity as you can access the whole feature of NYSC dashboard directly on your mobile phone and/or Personal computer (PC)

How can I login to my NYSC profile dashboard on phone?

To successfully login to your NYSC profile, all you need to do is go to this web page and click on sign in

Is it compulsory to pay for NYSC “Call up Letter?”

Yes it is. This is because without the payment of your NYSC call-up letter, you won’t be able to print out a copy of the document. And this document is what you are to take to your place of posting

My Fingerprint is not showing

If your fingerprint is not displaying on the NYSC portal, what you should do is try rescan by this time, cleanup the scanner’s sensor so as to stand a better chance of being captured

Why is NYSC portal showing “No Active Registration?”

No active registration on NYSC portal tells you that NYSC is not open for receiving new applications. What you should do is close the web page and check back after some days when the registration is active.

Why is NYSC Dashboard not working perfectly?

If you notice the NYSC dashboard is not working perfectly for you. What you should do is try accessing the portal on another web browser (preferably Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox). If the problem persist, you might want to switch to other network operative as that may be the cause.

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