Top 20 Full Tuition/High Value Music Scholarships for USA Student in USA

Today, we’ll quickly talk about the topic to ‘’20 full tuition/high value music scholarship for USA student in USA’’

As we all know, one of the most difficult challenges facing US high-school music students is the inability of paying the college tuition fee.

This gives rise to a high number of several unsettling questions.

For some certain students, music is such a great passion which they want to make a career out of. This gives them feelings of great fulfillment.

Whilst a career as a music teacher is really rewarding, for so many, there are other options to choose out from, including video game and sound design, audio engineering, and music therapy.

In short, whatever musical career path you decided to choose, you can without a doubt use a few scholarships to help fund your education and push your career a little further.

…sounds interesting, isn’t it?

In this article, we’ll be talking more about the top 20 full tuition/high value music scholarship for USA student in USA.

Recent research also shows that students who complete courses in music have higher scores on their SATs, have higher GPAs, and received more academic honors than their counterparts.

But it is no longer a test score once they graduate from high school, but the love for music which drives them to continue further with their studies.

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A lot of students who aspire to be outstanding musicians are being faced with fierce competition. Many of this competition makes many of them reconsider a future in the music business.

Westmont College, ASCAP, and the University of Hawaii all have various music scholarships but for students looking for more options, you are definitely on the right page.

This website is dedicated to supplying students with the right and valuable information about several scholscholarshipsrtunities.


Top 20 Full Tuition/High Value Music Scholarships


1. Against the Grain Artistic Scholarship

Amount: $ 1,000

This scholarship provides various financial assistance and promotion of Asian-American college students that are pursuing a major in journalism and mass communications, as well as performing visual arts.

Applicants must be a US citizen, national or permanent legal resident who should be of at least 25% Asian or Pacific Islander ethnicity.


2. Augustana College Rissing Scholarship for Future ELCA Church Leaders

Amount: $5,000

This scholarship is being awarded each year to Augustana College students that wish to prepare for leadership professionalism in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Applicant must have a very great interest in music ministry, outdoor ministry, and religious education.


3. Aly Robinson Stephen Performing Art Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

In other to be eligible for Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Art Scholarship, all applicants should be a high school graduates or seniors and accepted to UAB. The student must prove to be of substantial talent via audition and testing as there are no applications for this scholarship


4. Augustana University Pro Music Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

This scholarship is offered to students who do amazingly well in the areas of instrumental, vocal, and keyboard. For students to be considered for one of these scholarships, they must have an excellent audition performance.


5. CBC Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship

Amount: $3,000

It was established to make sure that Black or African-American students pursuing a degree in performing arts receive well-deserved financial assistance. Performing arts includes drama, theater, music, comedy, marching bands, opera, dance, etc. Applicants selected will be constituents of CBC members districts.


6. Bemidji State Music Scholarship

Amount: Varies

Individuals with outstanding musical talent every single year receive scholarships from the music faculty. An award of varying amounts from $500 to.

To qualify for this scholarship awards, candidates do not need to major in music.


7. Curtis Institute of Music

Amount: Varies

All Curtis institute student must submit their admissions applications to be eligible for an audition. Admissions decisions are based only on merit. Based on their artistic talent, students are accepted for study at Curtis Institute of music.


8. GRCF Arts Council Scholarship of Greater Grand Rapids Minority

Amount: Varies

This award is open to student of color (Asian, Africa-American, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander, Native American) that are attending private or non-profit public college/university in West Michigan majoring in fine arts.


9. GRCF Guy D. and Mary Edith Halladay Music Scholarship

Amount: Varies

In other to be eligible for this scholarship, the student must be a resident of Kent County as well as a graduate or undergraduate student majoring in music at any US college.


10. GRCF Mildred E. Troske Music Scholarship

Amount: Varies

The student must be a resident of Kent County (two-year minimum) to be eligible for the scholarship. Also, he/she must be a student with an undergraduate music major or studying music at a summer camp program.


11. $500 Shreddership: A Rock Scholarship

Amount: $500

Student musicians at every level must submit a link to an original improvised piece of music


12. $2000 Diversity in Music Education Scholarship

Amount: $2000

Minority students that are pursuing or interested in a degree in arts are only eligible to be able for this scholarship.


13. Darryl Dave ‘’Follow Your Hearth’’ Scholarship

Amount: $500

Undergraduate students in any field of study are eligible to apply. Students must have a passion for singing, and an history of giving back to the communities.


14. Becoming a Singer-Songwriter Idol Scholarship

Amount: $1000

Minority students that wish to pursue their passion for musical performance and singing are eligible for this scholarship program


15. Barklee College of Music Presidential Scholarship

Application Deadline: Spring (January): July 1; Summer (May): December 1

Fall (September): November 1

Regular Decision: January

Amount: Tuition, a laptop, on-campus housing

The student that demonstrates high musical merit and highest financial need will be chosen. Audition is required.


Other Scholarship Available for USA Students in the USA

  1. Wartburg College Meistersinger Music Award
  2. SBO Magazine Music Student Scholarship
  3. Sr. Monica Laughlin Music Ensemble Scholarship
  4. Lee A. Lyman Memorial Music Scholarship
  5. The Music Center Spotlight Awards


And that’s all about the top 20 Full Tuition/High Value Music Scholarships for USA Student in the USA.

Do you know of any other scholarship program you’d like to share?

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