How to Verify the JAMB Registration Number

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board has made it easy for a candidate to check their result easily. This can be done employing any of the methods the body approved.

Over time, the common way of checking JAMB results is logging into their portal at Space has been provided for candidates to enter their registration numbers. Clicking on ‘Check My Result’ afterward will pop out the candidate’s JAMB performance.

Using this method, many candidates have so many challenges getting their results quickly. Only a lucky few can even get to see their result within 24hours of release. The main reason is for this is that so many candidates will be struggling to check out their results.


Too many persons trying to access a web page cause what is termed traffics. The truth is, every web page has several persons it can accommodate at a time. How many will be accommodated out of millions of candidates that put in for JAMB yearly?

To reduce this traffic caused by candidates, the Joint Admission Matriculation Board devised a means for candidates to access their results without the internet. This can be done by just sending ‘RESULT’ to a short code, 550192.

To learn how to check your result using this shortcode, you can read up our article on it. The article details all you need.

Even though this need method looks easier and faster, you cannot print your result slip on it, which means you will still need to check your result on a system connected to a printer to get your result printed.


This article will guide you on how to verify your JAMB registration number.

What is JAMB Registration Number?

Confused about what the JAMB registration number is? Do you even know one if you see it?


It’s not a problem not knowing it. We are learning by the day, but are you ready to learn? To be frank, the JAMB registration number is one of the most important identification the Joint Admission Matriculation Board gives every candidate.

The JAMB registration number is a special, unique number given to each candidate that registers for the joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination, popularly called JAMB/UTME/DE. The number is a unique identifier. This means a number is particular to a candidate and two candidates cannot be given the same number.

Upon successful registration of JAMB, the candidate will be given the JAMB registration number, which can later be used to retrieve the candidate’s information on JAMB official registration portal.

Why do you need the JAMB Registration Number?

What is the big deal about the JAMB registration number?

Once your registration is successful, the next is getting ready for exam day. In the real sense, what will be asked on your exam day is even your exam slip, no one will ask you to memorize or call a number from your head.

Not even in this technology age, where JAMB itself has employed the use of fingerprints. Candidates at times don’t even need the slip in the exam center although will be requested to bring it. Once your fingerprint test has been done, all information needed to confirm your registration will pop up.

Nevertheless, your JAMB registration number is still the most important identifier JAMB gives upon successful registration. This is because:

  • The JAMB registration number is needed to check your JAMB results
  • It is also often used to check admission status on the JAMB portal
  • Your admission letter cannot be printed without inputting your JAMB registration number
  • It’s also needed for JAMB reprinting slips.

Although some of the listed above have an alternative, in case the JAMB registration number is not available. The Sim card you used to register your JAMB can be used to check results. Emails used in registering JAMB can also be used instead of the JAMB registration number.

The limitation is JAMB registration number works in all scenarios while the alternatives work only on few cases. Some activities can only be done with the JAMB registration number.

How to Check your JAMB Registration Number

There are two ways to do this. Checking JAMB Registration is effortless. It’s not a task to create headaches over.

Let check the two ways you can do this successfully:

Your JAMB acknowledgment slip:

Upon registration, an acknowledgment slip will be given to every candidate. This will be given to you from the cyber café you register from. On the slip, locate a 10digit number that ends with two (2) uppercase letters.

This means 8 figures and 2 alphabets. A typical example is 71982917BD.

This method is by far the most effective, easiest, and best way to get your JAMB registration number as it requires no external effort or payment.

JAMB portal:

Alternatively, in a case where you can’t locate your JAMB acknowledgment slip, the JAMB registration number can be checked easily on the JAMB portal directly.

Follow these steps to check your JAMB registration number:

  • Log on to https//
  • On the menu bar, click on the check result option
  • Your UTME result will be displayed with your JAMB registration number boldly on it.

In case you’ve not written the exam yet, you can either visit the cyber café that registers for you or check your dashboard to verify your JAMB registration number.

How to Retrieve your JAMB Registration Number

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) launched a post-registration facility not quite long. This facility will help all candidates that have lost their JAMB registration number or slip to retrieve their registration number before their JAMB examination date.

It’s easy to retrieve after the exam since it will be boldly displayed on your result. Nevertheless, retrieving before exam day, which was initially almost impossible, is now possible.

All that is needed to retrieve your JAMB registration number are:

  • Your Registration card Pin
  • Your Registration card Serial Number
  • Candidate’s date of birth
  • And candidate’s state of origin

Once these documents are available, candidates can proceed to the JAMB e-Facility to retrieve their registration number.

To avoid unnecessary stress, either now or later in the future, ensure proper documentation of important educational and other files. Always keep them somewhere safe and secured. Having copies will also go a long way.

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