How to Verify JAMB Profile Code

As important as registering for jamb is, it is more important to get a jamb profile code. In other words, registration without a jamb profile code amounts to not registering at all, but some do not even have an idea of what the code looks like and how to generate it.

First, you must be a need a jamb profile before thinking about a profile code, there can be no profile code if there’s no need for a profile at all, right?

Creating a jamb profile

  1. Start by visiting the jamb website
  2. Click on login, then a new page will pop up
  3. Click on “create new account” to begin the process of creating a jamb profile. Note that you will be required to verify your email account.
  4. Click on “select” to choose a security question from the drop-down menu e.g when did you get your first kiss.
  5. Enter the same answer you gave into the last two spaces, then click “verify”.
  6. You would be required to verify your email at this point. Login to your mail and verify or confirm. Also note that it might sometimes drop in your spam folder or even take time to arrive in your mail, don’t panic, it happens.
  7. From that email, click on the link that jamb sends to you to continue and complete your registration.

What is a profile code

It’s a profile code, and the first thing that implies is that it’s a code generated from having that profile or to create a profile. In the case of jamb’s profile code, it is a 10 character code sent to you by jamb, which is needed to start your registration at any approved CBT center around you. It is a one-time code, so if you at any point lose it, you will need to retrieve it because it is one time. We will talk about how you can retrieve your lost code later in the article.


How do I generate my jamb profile code

The joint admission and matriculation board has released a new step-by-step guide for candidates to generate their profile code. Since the introduction of NIN as part of jamb’s registration requirement, the registration process has slightly changed, which has affected some candidates that do not have their national identity number yet.

Now that you know how important the jamb profile code is, follow these steps to generate your profile code;

  1. Send NIN space NIN number to 55019 through SMS, that is if your NIN is 38468926482, you will send NIN 38468926482 to 55019. It is advisable to use the phone number you will use/ have used to register for jamb
  2. A jamb profile code of 10 characters will be sent to your phone, and it’s that code you will use to start your registration at any accredited center around you
  3. Note that this message must also contain the full name you used when registering for your national identity card

You can also decide to generate the code through USSD by dialing *55019*1*NIN#. If you are using any of these two methods, you need to have up to #100 on your sim card and the reason is that you will have to pay a service charge, and this charge varies with network providers. But if at any point of generating the code, you encounter problems, you are advised to visit clearly stating the problems encountered, and you will receive a response within 24hours.

“I lost my code”, how do I retrieve it?

Either by mistake or negligence or unforeseen circumstances, a whole lot of candidates don’t have access to their codes again, if you are in that category, just calm down and follow till the end. We have different ways you can have access to your code again, depending on how you lost it, of which I am sure 80% falls into either.

1.     Request JAMB profile code again


If you simply mistakenly deleted the message sent to you initially from your phone, all you need to do is to text “RESEND” TO 55019 using the same number you used to receive the SMS the first time.

If the sim or line used to send the text the first time is lost, you would have to do a WELCOME BACK for the sim(you can do that by visiting the office of your mobile network operator), after which you can now send the RESEND SMS when your line is ready. Without your sim, you cannot retrieve your profile code using this method, because only a phone number can be used by each candidate, and it is also advisable to use a phone number you have unrestricted access to.

2.     Check for jamb profile code in your mail inbox or spam

To be able to check for your profile code in your email,

  • Login to the email you used while creating the profile used for your registration
  • Locate the message sent to you by jamb
  • If your mail has lots of messages, simply click on the search box and search for “jamb”. It will bring you every jamb-related message you have received. Just check for the right one containing the needed information and click on it
  • The code you are looking for is a 10 character code, if you have it in that message, then you are good to go

3.     Check for your code in your account

This is a much easier way and also cost-free

  • Visit the jamb e-facility portal using
  • Login to your profile with your jamb profile email and your password
  • This will immediately take you to your dashboard, and here, you will see “Hello! Welcome back, Victor…….. registration profile code: 8464***936

This third method is only meant for those that have commenced or completed their profile registration on the official website. If you are yet to do that, or you need your profile code to purchase your Epin, then SMS is the only way to get it back.

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