How to Upgrade JAMB Score

What was your last JAMB score? Had a low JAMB performance in your JAMB result, you are looking for a way to upgrade your JAMB score to a higher one? Do you want to upgrade your JAMB score yourself or do you need someone to help from the JAMB office?

Searching the net recently, I saw a lot of questions about how to upgrade the JAMB score. Those questions include how to change my jamb result, how to edit jamb result, how to upgrade my jamb score online, how I can boost my jamb score, how can I increase my jamb score… This is amidst many others.

This curiousness has made many JAMB candidates fall victim to the wrong hand who claims to help but in the end, run away with the pay.


Your search is over! All you need to know about how to upgrade your JAMB score has been compiled in this article. This will serve as a guide to you to successfully upgrade your JAMB score and enter your dream school.

Take a deep breath, and follow all through.




Should you stop dreaming of gaining admission into your choice school or for your desired course, all because you couldn’t meet the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board cut-off.

To be frank, it can be so devastating, frustrating writing JAMB repeatedly. I was once in the shoe too. The morale will not even be there to take it again, especially after two or three attempts.

Candidates that passed JAMB and cross their choice higher institution don’t usually need to upgrade their JAMB score. It’s more rampant with JAMB candidates with low JAMB scores. The blame at times can’t be fully on them for their failure.


Although a higher percentage of JAMB failure results in candidates’ negligence or nonchalant attitude. Poor disposition to studying or bad reading habits also cause this. Moreover, at times, force or activities beyond the candidate’s ability can make him/her fail. On the other hand, what will a candidate that falls sick or got bad news of a loved one’s death on exam day do?



We will check some reasons briefly and explain in detail another publication.

Without any iota of doubt, it’s undeniable that students passed JAMB with high grades and are admitted into higher institutions yearly. No matter how worst a year’s result might be, JAMB candidates still score as high as 300+ yearly.

The popular saying that ‘fingers are not equal’ cannot be neglected, even though we travel on the same river, it does not mean we are traveling on the same boat, and obviously, we can’t get to the same destination.

As much as people pass JAMB yearly, a higher percentage fails from the record. Well, you can say failure is relative. The two hundred (200) mark is only cut off for universities, not even all universities, some schools accept as low as 150 or even lower.

Then, the question should be, who failed JAMB?

Answering that, the best answer will be a candidate that scores below the cut-off mark of his/her desired higher institution. Once you have a mark below your choice school, then it can be regarded as a failure.

Luckily, some candidates realized this in time and do a change of course to an institution with a lesser cut-off.



People can fail, that is why exam candidates can fail. Below are some reasons why Candidate can fail JAMB

  • Low self-esteem: For no reason should, you doubt your success. Always be encouraged and self-motivated
  • Inadequate preparation: a popular word says a man that fails to prepare is already preparing to fail. Many candidates fail because they are not academically and intellectually prepared for the examination
  • Failing to understand yourself: copying others’ styles has also landed many candidates in failure, understand yourself, pick a reading style suitable for you, and maintain it. We are not equal, what works for Victor might not work for Victoria. Know your memory style and maximized time.
  • Inadequate study pack: to start your preparation, candidates should be able to decipher the kind of materials needed to pass and ensure to purchase it as soon as possible. Under this, it’s better to focus more on what matters more.
  • Depending on the third party: always of present age student’s laziness, fast and easy ways are the most sorted. Cheat/expo is what most back on to save from failure, not knowing that is what even cause failure.

That is just to mention a few. So many other factors are responsible for why candidates fail JAMB. Which is yours? Identify your threat and work on it. Not necessarily because of JAMB, it will be useful after gaining admission into your preferred school.



Having known what causes JAMB candidates to seek upgrading, and what causes it. Now let learn how to upgrade your JAMB score with so much ease.

Do I have your attention? Do you want to do it yourself or do you want someone to help you do it? You wouldn’t want to do it yourself because you still don’t believe you can do it yourself, just like you didn’t believe you can pass your JAMB.

How much can you afford to pay? Twenty thousand or one hundred thousand? Smiles. Since you can’t afford to pay much, then let teach you how to do it yourself. I bet you’d love to see magic soon.

To be frank with you, if anyone asks for even one thousand naira (#1,000) to upgrade your JAMB score, run away. Not to talk of someone asking for twenty thousand (#20,000) or more. This is because they are just looking for a way to swindle you.

They know your weakness and are ready to capitalize on it to dupe you. In the real sense, there is only one way to upgrade your JAMB score. No one can do it for you, it does not require a third party, because a JAMB score upgrade is not possible.

The only way to upgrade is, take the next JAMB form, prepare hard for it, take tutorials, and get a higher score. Don’t fall victim to swindlers out there. Stay safe.

You can drop a comment if you need help on how to get a higher score in JAMB.

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